$600 fine over gender reveal wildfire

These fucktrophy genital reveal parties are as pointless and stupid as the people who enjoy planning, throwing, and attending them. That so many of 'em are as destructive as they are stupid and pointless makes it even worse.




Put in case of a xenomorph the reveal is done because there’s…

Yellowcake ?


I feel a ramping up of these things too. Not that I’m against parties. If a friend of mine invites me to his super italo disco '80 party, or the wild boar bbq party, I’m all of it, but what puzzles me is that some events have to be a big thing.
Like the promise of marriage parties. Promise of marriage is a thing but until some year ago was an obscure law, that basically stated that if the groom or the the bride changed mind about marriage or after six months the marriage isn’t done, the betrothed have to give back the gift and pay the expenses and damages to the other.
Now the promises of marriages are big parties with dinners, photo sets and so on, like an actual marriage.

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does this differ materially from an engagement party?

I suppose that if someone has already done the engagement party, has to do the promise of marriage one.

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