A gender reveal target shoot sparking a wildfire is the most Arizona thing you'll see in a while

The wildfire took 8.2 million dollars and 800 firefighters to put it out according to the article.


Imagine if an undocumented immigrant did this instead of one of the people who is supposedly protecting us from said immigrants.


Undocumented? So, which Juan?

Rednecks and their tannerite, smh.

Are gender reveal parties a new thing now? How about sexual orientation reveal parties later on in life? (Don’t just come out of the closet, blow the door off!)

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I’m amazed that they knew what the gender of the baby was before birth. My parents only guessed after I was born and got it wrong.


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With a father like that, I feel bad for his kid. Most parents at least wait until after you’re born to start embarrassing you.

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Not to mention starting life with your parents $8.2M in the hole…

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According to the article, somehow the dingbat convinced the court to only fine him $220,000 in restitution. Still not peanuts though.

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Weird. The CNN article I read on it this morning said the $220k was the initial payment, and the guy was still responsible for the remainder.

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Yup, you were right. The CNN article doesn’t even mention the $220K figure in the Daily Star, and instead says starting with $100K and links to this…


His GoFundMe has raised $1,850 with a $200K goal. Maybe he can get a gig pimping Musk’s fancy-looking weed-burner. :roll_eyes:

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