This Burner couple torched a little Burning Man for their 'gender reveal' video

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That no person was hurt made my day.

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So, we’re still super-cool with conflating sex and gender? Cool cool cool.


A California thing?

I’m more insulted, for the kids, by this than the Danish choir pepper thing.

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This exactly. Sex is fake, gender is just made up.

? I’ve literally never heard that before. Complicated, sure, but everything I’ve heard is that chromosomal sex is pretty real.

“…and then we burned you in effigy to tell everyone what color your bits make you. Because we love you, son.”


What a missed opportunity.
They could have named him Will.

(cued to relevant bit)

kinda sad and awkward but hey, they got to burn something

I want to say who gives a shit about the sex/gender of their unborn child but that’s obviously the problem. It’s not that “it should be a surprise,” it’s that it shouldn’t be meaningful.

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I feel like a gender reveal party is just a bit too conforming and conventional for burners. Unless they are trying for some kind of normcore performance. You know, to be ironic.

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Personally, I’m more comfortable with that than with the proliferation of the use of “super”

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