This gender reveal could benefit from some social distancing

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Thankfully he didnt swing for the fences.


See, this is why I keep coming to boing boing. To get constant reassurance that the human race is full of complete and utter morons and that we’re all doomed to extinction.


“…it was immediately after the second thump that gary knew he was in trouble.”


If a grandparent isn’t killed or a fragile ecosystem isn’t destroyed by the subsequent fire, you aren’t doing it right.


Um, actually the whole enterprise means that they’ve already bred :cry:


Last week I found out that videos of people opening boxes are a thing. Now This.
Why are people the way they are?


Gender reveals are old news and lame. Genus reveals are the new hotness.

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Join the club!

I could see that coming. How could the person standing in the swinging arc of the bat not notice their danger?

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With the whole “gender identity” thing going on, I thought a “gender reveal video” was something completely different.

At least unboxing videos are benign and unlikely to cause collateral damage or loss of life (unless you really don’t know how to handle a box cutter).

Seriously, the only “gender reveal party” you should be attending is the one in Animal Crossing for your trans buddy who’s coming out.


Yay, now everyone knows their baby has a penis! And is therefore a boy! Gender normativity FTW!

I don’t know whose idea it was, so I don’t know if the bump on the head was deserved. They’re both idiots, because neither of them stopped it.


I hope someday I’ll be asked to coordinate the reveal. The color will be green.


I went to a gender reveal party once.
Jesus, you’d think those people had never seen a naked man before…
Thanks, I’ll be leaving now.


As yet unborn at the time of these parties, but yeah, that’s the gist. It seems especially weird when you think of the practical fact that it’s about telling the world about your baby’s genitals. Doesn’t get any less weird when they’re tiny infants and people ask, “Is it a boy or girl?”
It’s a baby. Why’re you asking me about it’s genitals? Oh, so you can start socializing it to our f—-ked up gender standards. No thanks. Just treat it like a delightful little larva. It’ll be fine.


Either never played baseball, never watches fail videos, or has a poor grasp of physics.

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