6m views for Finnish prime minister's one weird trick for how Putin can get out of this mess

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Ain’t no mystery here.



I like her little laugh at the end. Like “we all know the answer here, don’t we?”


“and serious political pundits scandalized by it.”



That word “serious” … (I think you know where I’m going with this.)


Like “What a stupid question.”


It reminds me of de Gaulle’s response to a reporter asking if he was happy: “What do you take me for, an idiot?”


She’s awesome. The world needs more younger, progressive, modern and very capable leaders like her!


I’m sorry, but this is viral?
She said literally what everyone else has been saying from the very start of this war.

I’m all for it. And I respect her call a spade a spade style. But seriously, viral?

Oh wait - more people than live in Finland = 5.5 m people. 60% the size of New York City. I’m not sure the population of Finland qualifies as viral. My mistake.

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You okay?

Trying to figure out why something went viral is aking to deciphering the MAGA thought process. It’s pointless, futile, and self-defeating.

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I’m sure the population of Finland would beg to differ, if they knew or cared about your opinion as to whether or not they count for anything.


Here’s a link to the full video, so you can hear the reporter saying the “off ramp” comment.


I wish that were so; but more than a few people who really ought to know better(and profess to be trying to help) have been astonishingly dense with regard to the idea that someone who has domestic media in a chokehold needs some sort of special coddling to be able to leave; rather than being held in place more or less purely by choice.

Emmanual Macron’s…plucky…attempts at diplomacy have produced some particularly head-desking examples..

It manages to simultaneously be gratingly naive and implicitly accept the aggressor’s framing sufficiently to move without comment to some variation of ‘and what concessions can be offered from Ukraine to make it all better?’.

It’d be a lot nicer if Sanna Marin’s statement were just a restatement of a commonplace trivially agreed upon and not worth mentioning; but, unfortunately, that’s just not so.


But everyone (again with my overenthusiastic everyone :slight_smile: ) expects that sort of thing from Macron.

I meant “literally” with respect to what she said. My “everyone” was an imprecise generalization implicitly meaning “everyone with any sense”.

But yes, your point is sadly valid.

Can you or anyone find out who the reporter is, e.g. for which outlet he’s working? I couldn’t really place the accent, sounded German in the beginning, but I wasn’t sure after he reiterated the question…

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