8 multitools that break the "Swiss Army Knife" mold

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I would take a Victorinox or a Leatherman over any of these…


The tools that are plates with multiple holes are unable to reach nuts and bolts in all but completely open locations. Far more useful are folding mutli-tools, particularly with pliers. There are even a few small such tools with locking pliers.


I found the keybar thing way to bulky for the three keys I wanted to put on it. Why not just a ring? Barbecue I hand them from my belt loop and they jingle all the time on those.

I went with the loop of leather with the one sizing bolt at the top and clip ring.

I wonder if breaking the mold will ever break the mold with breaking the mold.


The mold is like a box, and once it’s broken you can think outside of it. Man.


20 pounds of torque


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Unless the bolt is already finger-tight, trying to crank on it with a tiny tool like this that combines a saw blade or other cutting tool into one edge is just…stupid.

A company called Valle Hawk made some pretty good card-style tools back in the 70s, but they were mostly built around cutting edges and can openers. A company called TOPS makes a SNAP tool now that is just a cutting tool, but sort of card-sized and designed to fit in your altoids-size survival kit. I haven’t got the Valle Hawk tools, but I do have the SNAP, and it’s entertaining to play with. Luckily I have the luxury of preparing in advance for emergencies, so I can buy proper tools and not try to depend on a weirdly shaped piece of sheet metal that can only technically accomplish the tasks it was allegedly designed for.

The guy that designs and manufactures the Cha-O-Ha tools is a nice guy and a good designer, though. I’ve talked with him a few times.


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