9 can't-miss early Cyber Monday deals on games and tech

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If you ask me COD4 broke the series. I never went back. I never will.

Son of a bitch.
I bought a PIA 2-year subscription for $70 a week ago.
If I’d waited a week, I couldve had an extra year.

That’s the one where they got overt with the torture porn, right?

My kids weren’t allowed to play games based on murdering people who had not attacked them first, murdering people at the command of state authorities, or anything that glorified torture, so they had to sneak over to other kids’ houses to play COD.

I could always tell after they’d spent a day playing, though… they’d be snappy, touchy - irritable, easily offended - presumably from the brain chemicals.

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That’s not it though. I murder all the people and creatures in games. Except bears, I don’t like killing bears.
And your description of my personality is…
… apt.

It’s because it’s just a shitty game that requires the player to jump through too many hoops.
I mean, that’s what gaming is I guess, really. Maybe it’s the job of designers to determine how flexible those hoops are to be.

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