A 10-year-old brought a loaded .40-caliber Glock to his elementary school

I suspect it depends on the nature of the screen time?

Learning the linux CLI and binging the news is different from being a 4chan trolley.

OTOH, speaking from experience… video games can be a form of escapism.

If someone seems isolated, angry, and young… asking what they’re escaping can be better than focusing on the manner of escape IMHO.

(Video games catch flack, but you learn stats, logic, and teamwork and keep your brain more active than just binging tv/movies imho… I have found since i dusted off my consoles and DS lite im in a better mood than when i watched like 20 episodes of 30 rock… I’m articulating myself poorly but sometimes I feel like I I and others in my generation got a preview of societal malaise — pirating a bunch of stuff to “binge watch” years before netflix coined the term… games catch flack but imho playing a little gta3 at least engages the brain in a way that watching “reality” TV doesn’t)

Anyways off to have another glass of white wine with ice cubes in it and eat like ten goddamn sliders…


Some holsters…

state fair dallas GIF by Texas Archive of the Moving Image


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