A $3.50 hot dog won a James Beard Award


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That certainly does look delicious.


Does look tasty! Don’t know who James Beard is, but it seems he has good taste.


Wonderful, but hold the freaking mayo.


I dislike hot dogs but that genuinely looks really nice.


What do you want instead, ketchup?


I’m imagining a rotund but jovial fellow who travels the nation’s eateries proclaiming things like “Madam, this gyro is truly worthy of Bacchus himself!” and “Gentlemen, I confess I initially harbored doubts when I saw your neon sign proclaiming this pastrami sandwich to be famed throughout the world. Now I harbor only regret that it has somehow escaped my notice for so long.”


Tucson Represent!





In before it was cool:


God no, ketchup would be just as bad. Mustard is the One True God! (And the jalapeno sauce sounds good, too.)


Now that it won a James Beard award will the price remain $3.50?


Is it wrong that I hope a hamburger won this award first?


I would hope that hamburger would come out on top, really not fond of hot dogs but i’m still really happy for the guy in this story getting recognition for his hard work.


Needs the mango chutney from my local hot dog purveyor: https://www.konadogshawaii.com



I think it’s there to off-set the spicy bits. Otherwise they end up relying on lots of cheese, which gets very heavy and oily, and supersedes many other flavours.



And the award named for him… basically the Oscars for restaurants:



Yeah, without a little background one might assume he’s just some Guy Fieri-type twit who goes around giving out awards to hot dogs as a matter of course.


Weirdly, I only know about the award since one of the local public radio shows sometimes will interview local chefs who have been nominated or won a Beard award.


It seems strange in these days of “reality” tv, but there was a time when cooks like Beard and Julia Child achieved celebrity status by focusing on the food to an equal or greater degree than they did on their own personalities and personal brands.

In his day he was a household name for anyone who cared about cooking.




Is the prize for the James Beard award a fake golden beard? Is it a fancy beard cover?