A Black activist is arrested before Ron DeSantis news conference: "Why am I being handcuffed?"

Originally published at: A Black activist is arrested before Ron DeSantis news conference: "Why am I being handcuffed?" | Boing Boing


“Existing while Black” is a crime in Florida apparently.



Same as it ever was.


The “freedom-loving, free speech” party, folks… /s

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And let’s not forget when a state legislator was arrested for attempting to view the Governor sign a piece of legislation…


Florida’s Governor Death Sentence to the rescue, or not.


“Why am I being handcuffed? I have not done anything to anyone. Why am I being handcuffed,” he says in the second video. “Am I being arrested?”

It’s always bad when a person is asking questions to which he and anyone else operating in good faith already know the answers.


I can’t wait until this potential case is presented in front of a black female judge. Preferably at the federal district level.

Judge: Defense motion to order plaintiff to compel Governor to appear and show cause is granted.

Plaintiff: You can’t do that, he is asserting “executive privilege.”

Judge: Thank you very kindly, that saves everyone a lot of time. Very well. Defense motion to dismiss case with prejudice is granted. Motion by defense to recover attorneys fees is also granted.




Dammit, Florida, did you have to move the goalposts on Texas again? You just know Texas is going to try & out-Fascist you, & you will have to try & out-Fascist Texas, ad infinitum…

“Will”? Dude, the Wolves are here now!
Tell your constituents they will be next… because that’s how this sort of thing goes, & Fearmongering works, like it or not.
The time for niceties is over, because they are playing for keeps.
This side had better recognize that.

Not just Florida…

Better than it used to be, but nowhere like it should be.

Yeah… “freedom for me, but not for thee”…
Not like they care about fairness at this point… or any other.


Not Fascism
Still apropos~


Appalling story, and wtf does

“…being trespassed from the property.”

even mean?

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It means you have been informed by the owner of the property or their authorized agent (which, by the way, is not the police) that you are not allowed on the property. And while this is a public building, they are allowed to restrict access to certain areas and to certain events. I’m much more in favor of transparency, but the state likely does have the legal authority to ask this man to leave, and, if he refuses, which he did, to trespass him.


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