A Black student with a disability was suspended for "bringing a gun to school" for holding an airsoft pistol during remote learning

How can you get suspended when you’re there virtually? This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.


The cop isn’t going for the gun. He’s making a placating gesture to indicate there’s no need for pulling a gun.

The cop also doesn’t look like he fears for his life.

Pretty good illustration of white privilege if you ask me.


Are you kidding me? He is half leaning back, his weight is on his front foot, he isn’t ready to dive on anyone. This is clearly a deescalating gesture, not one of being ready to pounce


Unfortunately not always the case.

My kidlet is in elementary school, currently doing remote schooling because fucktards can’t wear masks or just stay home.

She’s got a school issued chromebook, and is required to have camera on (ostensibly so she can show work etc…). We’ve set her up in the dining room where the spycam can have a very limited view of the interior of our house. The kiddies aren’t allowed to do audio only.

To some degree I see why. Mine’s generally pretty good, but has been known to chase down a cat or get otherwise distracted when they’re doing a non-camera/class activity (other assignments etc…). At higher levels where the teacher doesn’t have a secondary job of being a tyke herder, and students can be trusted to be disciplined on their own, a camera’s not necessary to ensure that they’re not fucking about in class.

That being said, if the camera reveals something non-criminal that’s happening in my F-ing house, and my kid got punished for it because it wouldn’t be allowed on school grounds, the school could expect a major lawsuit. I have the resources to push that. A lot of people wouldn’t, and I’m guessing that’s part of the school’s unwillingness to budge.


Why can’t we get any of the good bits from Cyberpunk? Why is it always the crap stuff that makes it in to the real world?


Gotta pull shit like this because keeping Blacks in their place is heritage. It flows on what this nation was really founded on: The right and freedom to own Black people. Still.


Cyberpunk was always dystopian, it was just that it had cool toys as well. It was never going to turn out well in reality.

I want an inclusive eco-socialist solarpunk future.


The solution should be obvious


as i mentioned upthread, i’m a 26 year veteran teacher. for 20 years i taught in a district about a half hour drive from where i live. when my younger son (who was under the sp. ed. umbrella) got in trouble in the district where i live (he was a high school freshman at the time) the district sent the sp. ed. counselor to our house to try to trick my wife into signing documents dismissing our son from special education. this was in 2003.

i suppose the district was expecting us to be a bunch of “dumb country fucks” or something because they were taken aback at the fact that i knew the law regarding sp. ed. and i knew organizations that provided free legal services for sp. ed. students and students with disabilities. they were unprepared for dealing with knowledgeable parents with experienced representation. our first mediation session with the texas education agency was a shitshow for them. of the three district representatives at the meeting the sp. ed. counselor was fired immediately, the director of sp. ed. services was forced to resigned at the end of the school year to “seek new opportunities” and the assistant superintendent . . . he ended up becoming the superintendent two years later.

is there a gofundme for this kid? or a way to tell them about advocacy inc? they need to burn that district to the ground.


While it’s not always feasible to design open-book exams (if the class is based on, say, rote memorization, which is a whole different class of problem), this seems like a good time for professors and teachers who haven’t done so before to start figuring out how to do them now.


Picturing the backlash if this had been the white child of an NRA member.


What ever happened to common sense?

Appropriate: Ask the student to put it down and/or fidget with something else.

Inappropriate: Calling the cops.

Not sure if ADHD is really pertinent, as people - kids especially - fidget with stuff around them. Pens, erasers, doodle on pad, etc. For sure an ADHD person will be more distracted, but what happened could have happened to most any kid. It should happen to no one.


This is a key part of the root cause. Schools should not have their own police officers. It just signals that the kids are potential lawbreakers and need to be ‘policed’ because the teaching staff cannot cope. So the kids will respond as one might expect. If every school police officer were replaced with a welfare officer things might be very much better all round.


If you mean “the system treated a young black person as a criminal threat, just as it was built to do” then you are correct.

So maybe it’s it’s long past time to tear down that system and replace it with something better.


No, but “zero tolerance” rules were, in large part, adopted to provide cover for systematic racism in schools, and mostly function to perpetuate it. By all reports there’s a huge racial disparity in how it’s applied.


Yeah, you get suspended by being disruptive to class - but if you aren’t actually there, it’s a) harder to actually be disruptive, and b) is easily fixed by, you know, not actually showing the student’s video feed to other students. A suspension in this context serves no purpose other than to be unnecessarily punitive and prevent the student from learning. If a school’s attitude is, “We don’t want our students to learn, we want them to be punished,” there’s a huge, quite fundamental problem with it.


Very true.

We’ll, I wouldn’t go that far. Off-campus I am already hearing about the maskless on-campus parties…

But I get what you mean.

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You just know if the kid was white, there would be no story, because there would have been no event. The gun would never have been remarked upon.


tragically, it’s as rare as it ever was.

i will say one, and only one, thing in defense of school districts having their own police and that is when you have a district above a certain size with literally thousands of people, parents and students, driving to school each day it truly does require a well-trained force with legal authority to keep things moving safely. i’m with you on welfare officers replacing law enforcement within the school buildings but out on the streets and parking lots is another matter,