A brief history of coonskin caps


I guess that I was a hipster kid in the 70’s with my (very fake) coonskin hat…

They should come back! An excellent sustainable business: basically turning garbage into attire (with a step in the middle).


Also Ben Franklin wore one when he was in Paris trying to get the French to come to the aid of the US revolutionaries. Which was actually pretty funny, because while he was trying to play the role of a rustic pioneer to the French, he lived in Philadelphia, which at the time was basically like Manhattan is today – pretty much the direct opposite of a frontier territory.


I suspect that the recent success of a movie that featured a talking raccoon might result in a backlash if this fashion were to be revived, the legions of people with raided garbage cans notwithstanding.

I had forgotten, but your post brought that tidbit back to mind, though my source was less than scholarly

to the article, I say: they show Usher, but no mention of his homage to early hip hop a la the Fat Boys? serious bullshit, yo.

I know this was a general hip hop thing beyond just the Fat Boys for a while. @Ed_Piskor, has you research turned up anything on the coonskin tip?

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