A classical musician listens to Black Sabbath for the first time and analyzes what she heard

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This reminds me of when I drove through Arkansas and planned to listen to a Delta Blues program from the local radio station (local public radio, not NPR). It was preceded by a VERY traditional gospel music show, and the old lady who hosted that show announced that the blues host was running late, but he left a playlist for her. When the hour changed, she introduced herself to the new audience and started the first song, but cut it off after a couple of verses with an emphatic “That’s enough of THAT.” She did the same with the next song, then she proceeded to lecture the audience that the Blues was actually the Devil’s music, and she was going back to playing more Gospel tunes until the host bothered to arrive on time. When he arrived, he thanked her for taking over for him and waited until she left the studio. After that, he just couldn’t stop giggling as he returned to his playlist.


I hope this was on the list:

After hearing it, poor Enid’s life fell apart.


“Black Sabbath? No thanks, I don’t listen to religious music.”


Was okay, but not as much fun as watching reaction videos to Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) playing the flute:


As a son of the Midlands and the 1970s, I am surprised to hear that someone could grow up without ever hearing Black Sabbath.

It is nice to have a peek into someone’s first glimpse in to the abyss.



i love watching classical flautists react to Ian Anderson’s playing. he’s entirely self-taught, and (unknowingly) broke some rules when he was figuring out how to play. always gets the eyebrows flying up, haha.


Sabbath’s “After Forever” is pure Christian Rock.


There’s a really priceless moment in this one where she remarks on how clear the vocalist is, whoever he is.

Not only unfamiliar with Ozzy, but complimentary of how easy he is to understand.


Not a fan of reaction videos, but I DO enjoy seeing actual musicians talk about stuff that they then explain, etc… It’s quite interesting.
There’s a guitar teacher I follow who has a pretty large collection now - though granted he’s a rock guitarist generally - and he mostly does videos as such.
But if you play guitar (which I do, but not nearly at any kind of level as this fella) it’s nice to see a breakdown. Often, they are songs that he already knows. Sometimes not.


Looks like she’s got some great metal reactions on her channel, she mentions King Diamond multiple times, so I had to go and watch that one as well.

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Song reaction videos are a mixed bag. Some of them are enjoyable, but I’m really enjoying her take on things. It’s nice to hear something other than “this track slaps, yo!”

I remember there was something similar making the rounds when Queen’s “We Will Rock You” came out. Certain types of people were terrified that that particular syncopation would literally physically weaken the listener, which would make it easier for evil to take root in them.

Some people need to find better hobbies.


Did anyone else have to stop the video and listen to the whole track before finishing the video?

This is still a song which grabs you and doesn’t let go.

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Clearly, she’s a witch.

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