A desperate Marjorie Taylor Greene doubles down on her losing strategy

Originally published at: Marjorie Taylor Greene screams at clouds


The most pathetic part is her apparent belief that loyalty to Trump will save her.

Trump is almost certainly as disgusted with her as anyone, because he’ll see her ever-plummeting popularity as a sign that she’s a loser and her constant invocation of his name as something more likely to damage his brand than to elevate it. He’ll leave her to the wolves and then spit on her corpse.



I’ve been assuming that she’s been attempting to become his choice for vice president, not realizing it was doomed from the start.

He’s not going to abandon her (just) because she’s a loser. He would have abandoned her anyway, because he would be afraid that she’d steal some of the spotlight from him.

He doesn’t want to share the ticket with another crazy whose crazy could out-crazy his own. He wants someone who can fade into the background, like wallpaper, or an anxiety-inducing shade of beige, i.e. Mike Pence.


I would love for a reporter to ask her:

  • “What is that Democratic lie they are making about abortion?”
  • “How is that different from the current GOP messaging?”

only her loyalty to Trump and willingness to plumb the absolute depth of the MAGA psyche can sustain her

That’s always been her strategy, though. She says the things that appeals to an extreme minority around the country (and world), and they’re the ones giving her contributions, not her own constituents, and that’s her goal. She doesn’t care if she achieves anything politically. As long as a bare majority of the voters in her district blindly vote for whoever has a -R after their name, she’s successful. (And if she figures out a way to continue getting attention and contributions while no longer in office, even that won’t be necessary.) Publicly being the biggest asshole possible (by, for example, adopting all the traditional Republican positions, as here on abortion), to get maximum attention (and maximum support from like-minded assholes) is her winning strategy.

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Let’s hope she goes down with him…


She said it pretty clearly in the quote, to her, and people like her (I grew up among them) abortion really is viewed as murdering an innocent child, and the “abortion is healthcare” line (as they view it) is a lie straight from Satan’s mouth.

Now whether or not she believes that, or it’s part of her grift, I’m not sure (she does strike me as a true believer), but I will say I grew up in a rural part of Ohio where “abortion == murder” was pretty much what a vast majority of the population believed (this was the late 80s/early 90s). I’ll say that’s changed in the 30 years since I left there as the county I grew up in passed Issue 1 60/40, and that shocked the Hell out of me.

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