A fascist-like Lauren Boebert calls democrats and Joe Biden policies the "enemy" (video)

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You can drop the “-like” from that headline. She’s a full-on fascist by any measure that matters.


She’s really improved the standard of living for her constituents. /s




“While it is natural enough, at the height of democratic competition, to think of your opponent as an enemy and to see an electoral competition as a battle, democracy can be destroyed from within if the competition essential to it is modeled as war, and if political opponents are understood as existential foes.”

Not sure this logic holds up. I very much think of the Republicans as existential foes. The difference being that fascism, bigotry, domestic terrorism, mass shootings and global warming denialism actually ARE threats, while drag queens, trans kids, abortions, sane gun control, the germ theory of disease and a baseline level of human decency and compassion are NOT threats.


You don’t think of them as existential foes just because they oppose you, though. Rather, you have seen they actually are existential foes that need opposing. Connection to reality is always the important part here that breaks any symmetry.


"A Fascist, Like Lauren Boebert, Calls Democrats and Joe Biden Policies “the Enemy.”

Commas instead of a hyphen. She exemplifies the term.

Also: “impeachment” has become just another thing for them to use as a political weapon. Trump did real treasonable acts according to the law, that even Republicans like Cheney and Romney had to be honest about, but the MAGA party has already publicly admitted they just want to impeach Biden (and anyone else who stands in their way) with no crime necessary.


While they are trying to impeach Biden they are simultaneously trying to expunge the two trump impeachments.

Boebert has been bragging that she had a big win with her impeachment nonsense. Do any of these people have consultants to explain to them how processes work? Or at least a YouTube account with access to Schoolhouse Rock.

In the meantime people in their districts are wondering when they will start representing the people who voted for them and helping those people.


Just wait. Being a Democrat (or anything MAGAt’s declare verboten) will be a crime if they get their way. “Are you now or have you ever been…” will be heard again. Let’s make sure that never happens, eh?


Citation needed.

They’re drinking non-woke beer, laughing and owning the libs! Priceless in their feeble craniums.


Fascist Bobo put her life on pause because her government job with no oversight, accountability or performance benchmarks to abide by pays a lot more and requires less work than her failed eatery.


That the House Committee on Un-American Activities was set up to also investigate subversive activities by fascists kinda faded away pretty quickly, didn’t it. Funny, that.


This way she sickens a fuckload more people than she did at her so-called eatery.


If I’m reading this page correctly of the 550 pieces of legislation Lauren Boebert introduced none have became law https://www.congress.gov/member/lauren-boebert/B000825?q={“bill-status”%3A"law"}. Of the 4 she voted for that did become Law only one seems to dirctly relate to her district: To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1905 15th Street in Boulder, Colorado, as the "Officer Eric H. Talley Post Office Building.

Most of the things she has personally proposed are against something not for anything except exclusion of certain peoples from the country or from the legislative process.

Judging by this record she should stick to being in her own words “good at arguments” which she seems to be denying is why she’s there in this clip.

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