A field guide to the incredible scissors of Japan

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When will lignum vitae scissors become a thing?

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My teen daughter just returned from her annual visit with her Japanese grandparents … and for omiyage, brought her little brother back a pair of Hasegawa CANARY cardboard-cutting scissors. They are very nice.


Oh, cool!

I’m actually looking for a new pair of (kitchen) scissors! Which should I buy?

It doesn’t need to be super heavy duty, should have a blade length of at least 3 inch, probably more towards 4 or even 5 and will cut mostly packaging and stuff like that, no poultry for example. (I’ll probably end up buying two or three :unamused: and finding out which is best)

Edit: I had a (not so quick) look but I really had a hard time finding these scissors in a webshop that ships to the Netherlands. I’m interested in the Lei Fujii swing cut and the Kokuyo Hakoake scissors. It seems like I succeeded at placing a order for the swing cut one at rakuten.co.jp but have yet to pay, I guess the shop will contact me about this? Hope they speak English :smiley:

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