A fun activity for bitterly cold days: Make ice cream


[Sniff] No fair…can’t do that in Arizona…

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It looks like he started with ice cream and just made it frozenier.

For snowy days, it’s easy to make snow ice cream, as long as the snow’s deep enough to pick up a clean bowl of it. Either mix the snow with milk, sugar, and cocoa powder, or just pour maple syrup on it and stir.

Sure, it’s basically softer snow-cone, rather than deep custardy stuff, but it’s quick and yummy. (And ok, it’s probably more appealing if you only get that much snow once or twice a year, so it’s a treat, rather than all winter…)

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Yeah, but so what? It’s yummy! And you don’t need any fancy equipment. Bowl, spoon, done!

My mom always used milk, sugar, a little raw egg, and vanilla. But the snow is pretty foul tasting these days, from all the pollution. I can only get a decent batch of snow cream (hey, that’s what we called it in the 60s) if it snows heavily for days and the wind’s from the west.

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