A gallery containing pictures of dogs in bow ties

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"Welcome to Barker Carlson. Tonight we look at: the food bowl. Joe Biden seems to think the food bowl is full enough, but I ask you: when has the food bowl ever been full enough? Right now, is your food bowl full, or empty? Why is the food bowl on the floor, while his is at a table? Why does he get to eat ‘people food’, and you don’t? What does ‘people food’ even mean, after all aren’t you people too? Did you know they make bigger food bowls, yet your food bowl is smaller? Why is that? Ask yourself, why can Joe Biden get food from the fridge any time he wants, and you are fed on some sort of strict time table. Or, if you’re like me, not so strict. Many of us are fed when they remember, even though they have a device that can beep at any time of the day.

"Of course if you bring any of this up they will call you crazy and another wild conspiracy. But is it? When is the last time you had steak? Have you ever had steak? Why do they get steak whenever they want, and you don’t? Think about that.

“We will take a quick break, but when we come back: Why is no one talking about the squirrel invasion?”


Oh, that’s good. Spot on.

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