A gallery of candy chutes for Covid-o-ween

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Since I cant go out with the kiddo, thinking of seeing if anyone shows up while wearing a pirate costume (its a ren fair costume with a tricorn) and a vampire mask. There is a long deck/porch leading up to my door, so I can sit by the door and have the candy at the end of the deck. I can swashbuckle anyone who gets too close :wink:


I offered to build a candy chute for this year, but my wife was concerned that kids would cluster around the end of the chute – much like they’re doing in the OP video – and wouldn’t socially distance properly. So, no candy this year. :frowning:


In my experience, the kids trick-or-treating together are already “together” outside of the event. Family or close friends who are already hanging out.

Even if they aren’t crowded around your candy chute, they are crowded around each other at home before or after.

Also, was this candy chute from a previous year (ETA - oh, der, it says 2017)? If so, adults might be instructing their kids differently.

YMMV. Stay safe. Probably not a bad idea.


Well. . . this is definitely a lot smarter than my “Jolly Ranchers and a slingshot” idea.


The big question is: When cleaning up the yard on November 1st, will residents assume they won’t need these again and recycle them…or store them in the attic for next year?

That’s a little upsetting to think about


There are some really cool looking ones at the link:


I’m thinking of using my daughter’s super cheap trebuchet she built for grade 5 science class. But my wife thinks it might hurt the children.

FFS, I’m going to lob a couple hundred grams of candy in a sealed ziplock bag to kids ~10m away. 4 “fun” sized chocolate bars and a couple of Rockets. And my wife is worried about hurting the children…

I told her to get off my lawn.




That’s the assumption we’re using. That a group is already a group and it’s on them to not gather with other different groups. We never get that many anyway, should be easy for them to not mingle with other groups.

Our chute goes through a temporary panel in the storm door above the glass, removed the screen. Not just distance, but a physical barrier. I’m not opening the door at all, no worries about someone coming to close by mistake.

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I built a “gourdy pult”!

It’s a exercise band actuated catapult that is going to launch a bag with a pumpkin headed stuffie, a candy bar, and a glow bracelet to kids in a cordoned off landing zone at the end of my driveway.

I figure there’ll be less houses participating, and it’s a way to keep them ~15 feet from my house while still giving them a cool halloween care package. (as a projectile)


(THAT is pretty cool.)

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Also, we got one of these for our lawn.

Suck it little kids that never saw Beetlejuice!


Trick or treaters need to be careful to walk without rhythm.

Wait, wrong movie.


oops, double wrong…

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