A gallery of swamp lust pulp paperback book covers


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Dang, I was hoping I might find a great gif of Roger Grimes the worm farmer in Squirm, but no luck.


This is a thing?!?! I guess Rule 34 has been around for a while.

I am amused that my bad eyesight and deranged associative faculties first read the bit on the third photo as:
“Her pagan desires violated even the loose moral code of the marshmallows!



Not “Swamp” but in the same vein:

(yes, I have a copy)


I work in a library that purchased a large collection of these–including Swamp Girl by Lindsay Perry. Fun fact: they’re indexed as part of the series “Intimate Novel”.

I’ve always been kind of curious to read one but they’re non-circulating. Maybe I should muster the courage to say I’m doing research.


Wow. I would read all of these in a sultry, sweaty lunch hour.

“Hers was a wild, untutored love”? Sold! My favorite kind!


Swamp Hoyden! You can tell by the vocabulary, Lovecraft wrote that one under a pseudonym.


You are missing a few, such as;
Swamp Kill http://pulpcovers.com/swamp-kill/
Swamp Girl http://pulpcovers.com/swamp-girl-original-title-no-nation-girl/
and A Woman for Henry (tagline: “Like the swamp she lived in, Morna was a lure, and an ending”)


Also Swamp Lust http://pulpcovers.com/swamp-lust/
and the earlier edition of Swamp Hoyden http://pulpcovers.com/hoyden-of-the-hills-she-wanted-more/


In something of the same vein, check out the flick 'Gator Bait (l974), a surprisingly well made example of hicksplotation [swampsplotation?..] with Claudia Jennings as covergirl Desiree Thibodeau.


Hey, Swamp Sister, ain’t that Mister Mister on the radio?


You think Swamp women are easy?
Watch out for that shotgun!


Office Wino was soooo much better.


Her moisture induced foot fungus drove her to curious acts!


so I guess backwoods lout missed out on swamp girl so he got himself a more business like shirt, a tan, and went after swamp hoyden. I like that he kept the same expression on his face - that’s his charming and cheating look.




That is an oddly specific fetish… not country girls or farm girls or hillbilly girls, but swamp girls.


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