A giant, bare-chested Jeff Goldblum statue appears in London

Or better. I’m of the strong opinion that the sculptor of that piece is the only artist in the world who can truly do justice to the memory of Nathan Bedford Forrest.

[fun fact: the “artist” (a white supremacist) told an interviewer that his Forrest is crying: “Follow me!”, which means he’s pointing his weapon at his own troops]


Gulp! Is that something done by that hack sculptor (Poulin) who did that horrible rendering of Lucille Ball some time back?


I remember that!

Yeah, not exactly a good likeness.


It was a terrible statue (and @hecep), that did get replaced:


Well sure, but that doesn’t solve this issue.

It’s like The Joker has grown a beard. Someone needs to improve it by painting the hair green and the clothes purple.


i wonder how many goldblums jeff would give it? https://youtu.be/MOo9iJ8RYWM

I thought it was going to be in Trafalgar Square like the giant blue chicken.

People wonder why there’s no representational public sculpture any more… then we get a great reminder of why.

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Looks more like Michael Sheen.

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Sort of a “BeastGoldblum”

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But… but… What is the artist trying to SAY with this piece? What is the deeper symbolism of Giant Lumpen Goldblum?


Actual size for the legend himself; but they should have scaled it up proportionately for the statue.


This is my favourite piece of public art from my home city…

It started out looking dreadful, but then some citizen artist massively improved it.

The finished effect better represented the state of our home.

Another council public art own goal, was re-gilding the iconic statue of the fathers of the Industrial Revolution. Previously they were covered in a rich patina of sooth and corrosion that hinted to our histroy of light engineering. Now they look like something commissioned by Donald Trump (minus the Trump heads, of course).


<image of grotesque statue of horrible person>

I really try hard to find value in art even when I dislike the subject, and you’ve got a great point there; this is almost as hideous as the character of the person portrayed.

Excellent! Thank you for that tidbit!

No, it’s by a dangerous racist nutcase with pretensions to artistic talent, displayed prominently on the property of a wealthy racist nutcase with pretensions to taste, near I65 in Tennessee. It is, to the best of my knowledge, the most objectively hideous statue in public view in the USA. The picture I used is the best angle on this monstrosity.

It gets holes shot in it with some regularity, but as far as I know the only times it’s been painted the vandals critics just threw buckets of paint. The owner keeps fixing it, which is another good thing, since that’s money he’s not donating to WAR or Creativity or whatever the latest violent racist dirtbag social club calls itself.

You’re right. I think dynamite might be called for.


Sounds like thermite would be useful here…


With a couple of appropriately sized Doric columns to prop the otherwise dangerously cantilevered appendage.

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I drove by this…thing… last summer. I was surprised that a) it was still there, b) real, and c) even worse in person.