A giant teddy bear explodes in a dollar store parking lot, leading to arrest

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My guess is, it wasn’t supposed to go off until someone picked it up. In this case he was likely hoping it would be a hispanic or black child given that this is a dollar store in an area that’s over three-quarters people of color. Just about everything that happens in this country is about race.


It looks like that scene from Full Metal Jacket. Whoever did It, setting a booby trap with a toy, clearly designed to hurt kids, is a SOB.


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The usual examples given for the “one crime at a time” rule are “don’t jump subway turnstiles when you’re carrying an unlicensed handgun” or “don’t speed when you’ve got a dead body in the trunk”.

But “don’t set off giant pyrotechnic plushies in dollar store parking lots when you’ve got a house full of meth and weapons” also works. The principle is the same.


Or it was a proof of concept kind of thing. He looks, to me, to slightly hot step back to his car, almost as if he knew what would happen.

I’m guessing the meth is what helped him have such poor decision making skills of testing it in a really visible area instead of on his compound or backyard.

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I hear less of it now that I moved, but hearing loud booms late a night in my old neighborhood was pretty common. I still hear them occasionally around here.

I think people, for what ever reason, start drinking or doing other things and decide to light off an M80. Though most of the time they do it in their back yard, vs a random parking lot. Had he done that, he probably would have gotten away with it.

Store employee: “Eh, it’s San Bernardino, a lot of stuff happens here…”
Quote of the day.

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