A Goddard Space Flight Center scientist explains why Ted Cruz's NASA threat is ridiculous

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Funny isn’t it? When you take away the teat of the American taxpayer Southern states like Texas, Alabama, etc. suddenly look as helpless as a lambs born on a wolf farm.


I mean, the most obvious reason Ted’s “plan” would fail is that NASA would just turn all of those Jewish Space Lasers towards Texas instead of California. Alderaan, meet Death Star.




She does the best Ted!


Of course Ted knows what he’s saying is wrong; he even knows it’s unspeakably stupid. He knows that, he just doesn’t care, because he thinks it’ll ingratiate him with Republican voters in his state, as part of his attempt to lock in the dumbass vote.



To some politicians, words are just how you play the game. And they only use words they think will win the game. And when your only goal is “win power”, the reality those words describe isn’t the point, not by a long shot.


I could not watch the interview because his voice will give me an aneurism.

Season 9 Lol GIF by The Office


Those lies actually work on a Certain Segment of the population.

I’m pretty sure multiple Cruise Missiles would be headed towards the appropriate locations about 10 minutes after ‘Independence’ was declared.

Ah, well, he should try living here; there is no end of smarmy sleazebags in various political offices. Ted the worthless shit is only #4 on the list…

Yes, his bleatings give me the willies, as well. I see his face on TV, I change the channel.


Ted’s one of those rare politicians who has given up on sincerity entirely - everything he says is part of the game, there’s never an honest moment. (Well, it used to be rare - now it seems par for the course when it comes to Trump-imitating Republicans. The irony being that Trump is more honest than them - he’s naturally dumb and awful, he doesn’t have to simulate it at all.) I think it’s a big part of why everyone hates Ted Cruz, including all the Republicans he works with, and his own voters (who just hate him slightly less than the alternatives, apparently).


Beat me to it – QFT!!


Not as rare as they used to be, sadly.


But nowhere near as tasty or nutritious. Although, covering the whole of Texas in mint jelly is a proposition that appeals, somehow. :wink:


That’s funny right there, but it is always worth pointing out that there a a butt load of liberal Democrats, and more than few Happy Mutants, living in TX and to write them off is more than a little wrong. Like most places, the GQP is a minority party reaching for increasingly desperate means to maintain it’s grip on power. They will fail, but how many people get hurt in the fireworks?


“Ted Cruze awaits the return of the Padishah Emperor~”


Some NASA employees might side with Ted.

I’ve noticed something that really disturbs me. There are really smart people, capable of producing results like scientists might, but they don’t subscribe to the scientific method.

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@frauenfelder: Thank you for using the word ‘unctuous’ spot-on correctly! Could you kindly inform the idiot writers at all the food shows that this word absolutely does not mean “yummy”? This word should not be used to describe food, but suits old Cancun Cruz perfectly.


Explaining why Ted Cruz is wrong is like trying to bail the Atlantic Ocean with a teaspoon. No matter how hard you work at it, you’re never going to be able to finish the job.


So very same.

I love it when the Texas secessionists act like they’ll get to keep all the stuff within their borders that belongs to the United States government. Uh, no. Those tanks, planes, helicopters and other military hardware belong to the United States. Build your own. Those soldiers have sworn an oath to the United States - they only work in Texas. Recruit, train and equip your own military. Also, those military bases are on federal land, so if Texas secedes and tries to take our stuff you’re actually invading the United States. Good luck with that.

PS: Ted Cruz amazingly unlikable. Fellow students in college, colleagues at law firms, fellow politicians on both sides of the aisle seem to universally despise him and have no problem saying so. It’s like a super power.