Side-by-side videos reveal Ted Cruz's unfortunate mental deterioration

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these attacks don’t work. his base simply doesn’t care.


Nobody ever voted for Ted Cruz because they liked him. Nobody likes Ted Cruz. So criticizing Ted Cruz for being a weather vane won’t work. They want him to be a MAGA weather vane, arguing for whatever MAGA wants.

He has negative charisma, so pandering to the lowest common MAGA denominator is all he’s got as a politician.

My thoughts and prayers, such as they are, go out to Ted Cruz’s family because they are Ted Cruz’s family. I still remember the campaign video where the best footage they could get and chose to include was of his family clearly not wanting to be touched by him. I can’t even imagine what the outtakes must have been like. :open_mouth:


Ted Cruz bugs me a lot more that MTG. MTG is, in fact, stupid and may not know better. Ted Cruz is really, really smart and clearly knows better – but does not care, because it is his path to power.


To my mind, Ted Cruz will always be that precious but really unlikable and annoying high school kid in the Young Republican’s club who dressed up in a suit and tie every day and idolized Ayn Rand.

Still hard to believe someone married him and had sex with him outside of an arranged marriage.


I honestly think Ted is a hell of a lot dumber than anyone suspects. He’s gotten excellent press for years for being on the debate team at an Ivy League school. Both the Ivies and your average college debate teams are stuffed to the gills with morons.


Imagine living your life simulating having brain damage, like modern post-Trump Republicans are. At some point, given sufficient verisimilitude, the line between simulation and reality dissolves away, and the politician is no longer “acting” stupid, they are stupid.

Videos like this help galvanize his opponents, however. (And even if he can’t be voted out, that can have positive impacts anyways.)

She knows better and she’s stupid, though. Whereas Ted Cruz is… simulated idiocy aside, not nearly as smart as he thinks he is.

I knew people like that - and like Ted, they thought they were brilliant, but at best were narrowly competent (and whatever intelligence they did have was completely hobbled by their total ignorance of anything outside simplistic systems that didn’t work the way they thought they did).


I didn’t go to Harvard Law, but graduated law school the same year (+/- 1?) from another fancy pants law school and I know a whole lot of really smart people who know him through various things – and there’s a universal agreement that (a) Ted Cruz is really smart, (b) Ted Cruz thinks he’s even smarter than that, (c) he won’t make common cause or be polite with anyone if he things he can argue with them and win* and (d) he’s just always been an asshole.

I don’t have first hand knowledge here, but that’s been the common thread from people I know and trust. YMMV.

  • and by win I mean in the way college debaters like to claim they win, usually by the other person saying “fuck it, you aren’t worth talking with”

Cruz has proven beyond any doubt that South Texans will vote for him regardless what Ted does or says, he’s their special piece of shit stuck to the heal of their shoe forever.


But I thought the insurrection, set on foot by tRump himself, was an antifa false flag operation?


That’s the only explanation for why they keep voting him in despite the fact that he betrays them like … well, like they’re his father or wife or kids.



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