A jittery Junior Trump says U.S. should subpoena "jacked up" Biden for medical records (video)

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can we don’t we a a a a american public …Coherence!


“Can the American public – is there a way to subpoena if they’re giving him something to stay cognitive?”

You asking for a friend?


Sounds like a fun sign-off! I like it, maybe I’ll adopt it, and memory wipe the origin.

See ya’ later, stay cognitive, bitchez!


ok don’t tell anyone that i stole it from you then. because this has to be my new email sig.


I wonder that if a bunch of little kids smacked Don Jr with a bat, pinata-style* would piles of drugs spill out?

  • purely hypothetical, not advocating what would be a just and appropriate action.

What the fuck is he talking about? His father wouldn’t even give press conferences after, what, his first year in office? He’ll only speak in situations where he’s the only one who gets to say anything, or with a very friendly interviewer like Hannity. Hell, he won’t even participate in the GOP debates. And when Trump does speak for however long he speaks at his rallies, he says batshit stuff like he could have negotiated to prevent the Civil War and that magnets don’t work if you pour water on them!


Wuwh. Finally a covfefe to call his own. They never fall far from the qobmtoo, do they?


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Has Jr. ever read a transcript from one of daddy’s speeches? They’re always incoherent. :roll_eyes:


Another day, another projection by a Deplorable.

Why does American society allow media to keep parading these fools around while spouting viral lie memes unchecked? The FCC used to have the Fairness Doctrine (struck down by Reagan). That needs to be reinstated ASAP.


Go ahead; snap your fingers with the Thanos glove and “make it so.”


What a weird testimony for Biden.
In summary.
Trump Jr.: “Biden seems pretty coherent.”


It’s even more stupid if you know anything about dementia treatment


Psychostimulants just don’t treat cognitive symptoms of dementia per current evidence.

There are very few drugs that DO have a meaningful impact on the cognitive domain, the main ones being procholinergics (donepezil, galantamine, rivastigmine), and memantine. These (1) don’t have half lives consistent with wearing off after a few hours and (2) don’t tend to have as profound an impact as would be required for this conspiracy to work.

Is he thinking of Adderal or dexamphetamine? I’m not familiar with the former but the latter lasts around 4 hours and has a pretty quick offset. But if I’m not mistaken I think it’s soluble in water - so this theoretical president with a very atypical dementia that for some reason responds to amphetamines, could easily solve this problem by taking sips of water as he speaks, even if does have to use a straw (This is not medical advice, speak to your doctor)

I mean, it was never meant to make sense, obviously. But it’s a really, REALLY dumb conspiracy.

But hey - if they’ve invented a wonder drug that makes dementia patients lucid for 2 hours at a time, could the Biden Campaign please submit it to the FDA? I know more than a few doctors who would love to start prescribing ASAP.


Does he call his dad by his last name?


I, like most folks, base my vote on the “street cred” of the presidential candidates and their families. Most years require lots of research into the shady dealings and source of most candidates wealth. However, if '24 is a rematch between Biden and Trump, it will be a tough choice!

I am calling Senator Menendez for '28.


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Sounds like a catchphrase that would’ve been gleefully adopted by the Detroit/Ohio beloved iconic horror movie host The Ghoul.

Oberday! Scratch glass! Turn blue! Stay cognitive!

ETA: Were there a drug that actually improved cognition and brainpower, wouldn’t his daddy and brother be ODing on it even as I type?


I doubt it very much. No one in that part of the drumpf fam seems like a reader. When they do read, I imagine their lips move.


[Brief tangent:

That lady is Rob Reiner’s Mom. tophat-biggrin ]

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Really? That’s awesome.

I don’t really ever have memorable dreams, but I had one the other night in which I met Rob Reiner and introduced my son to him. I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed about a celebrity before. Really happy it was him.

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