A man walked into a McDonald's with a dead badger


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Ugh, that’s disgusting. Who would walk into a McDonald’s?

And what’s this about a badger?


swinging a dead badger

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?



Stop “badger’ing” me.


A shake… A shake. ooh he just wants a shake.


He was probably trying to log in to the wifi, and was just getting frustrated. Though really, you can only expect so much from a Linux distro that hasn’t been updated in twelve years.



A man walked into a McDonald’s with a dead badger…

…and the rabbi, priest, and minister all said, “Is this a joke?”


Surprised this didn’t happen in Wisconsin!




It’s not even news when this happens in Wisconsin.


Oh, those Wisco folks sure know how to have fun.


We don’t need no rotting badgers…?


If they’re rotting, the chances are high that they stink as well.


Or more appropriately:


is it allowed to eat own food in a McDonald’s?


When I was a kid, I thought UHF was parodying the scene in Gotcha! where this was quoted since I’d never seen The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. I was also surprised when the Beatles had released a cover of Come Together and Wings had released a cover of Live and Let Die.



Sir, meat deliveries come through the BACK door! *

  • Obligatory “That’s what she/he said