A psychotic rogue Japanese otter mascot concerns city officials


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In case you missed it, John Oliver had a good bit on how the Japanese mascot business is getting a little out of hand.


Chiitan needs to hook up with Gritty. I think they’d have a lot in common.


They fired her brother? Bad move, now Chiitan has nothing to lose.


Gritty is woke now. But not so far gone that he’ll join the Black Bloc anarkiddies in flipping cars over.


psychotic rogue Japanese otter mascot

I haven’t left the USA in months, please believe me.


As I once observed in my (engineering) customer support days, there seem to be no phrases in Japanese for, “hm, that’s odd,” or, “who cares?” or, “okay, now let’s get on with our lives.”


They can repeatedly take on Godzilla, but an otter has them flummoxed?


This is why we can’t have nice things


This is a nice thing… at least I think so.


I do love the mascots, so many types! Was chilling with my pal Kumamon at New Year, though I fear his drink problem is getting out of hand:


If it’s not Otter Bingo, then I don’t care…


Ah, that’s why Kumamon’s cheeks are so red!


Huh, the articles I’ve heard was Chiitan’s contract with the town was not renewed.


Oh Japan…
Never change!


Otter Bingo hops on the table for corn…


The one with the weed-whacker had me laugh out loud.




This is all normal in Japan.