A question to ask yourself before you accept any invitation

Ironically I have an easier time committing to things that are tomorrow then today, this advice would do the opposite of help me.

“Tomorrow, Tomorrow, it’s ALWAYS a day away!..”

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That’s what I thought before I read the article. Here’s an exact quote:

Are they paying you enough to skip your daughter’s soccer game tomorrow? Is the panel interesting enough that you don’t mind asking your colleague to cover for you, tomorrow? Is the conference important enough to your career that you would blow off your college roommate’s visit, which is tomorrow.

Great, it’s at seven AM, bring a present.

Judging from the sharp downhill turn the comments took, It seems like the time savings mostly comes from the people you recommend this advice to getting so angry at you that they retract all their invitations to you, and you get to go home and do what you wanted in the first place…



What if it’s an invitation to do something tomorrow?


also, ‘where I left my keys’.

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What, on the internet?

What, bad advice? On the internet?

Wow. That is some kind of stupid.

I had this insane idea of a book or maybe even software that allows me to see the days of the month and also lets me note appointments and plans I may have so I would know what I was going to be doing on any given day, week, or month. The idea was to have some sort of way of organizing my life.

I wish there was something like that. Instead I keep turning people down when they invite me to events in the future since I usually already have plans for tomorrow.


Missed you this morning. Sparky was really down.


That was today?

Shit. I thought it was tomorrow.


You, my friend, need to sit down and start asking yourself some serious questions about the importance of accepting invitations without proper planning.


I’ve let you down, I’ve let Sparky down, but most of all, I’ve let myself down.


Don’t be too hard on yourself, nobody else was there either, he just thinks it’s like any other Tuesday.


He probably ought to have sent out invitations earlier, It is my understanding that many people like to plan these sorts of things in advance. :wink:

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You were the only one to RSVP in a positive manner.

By an amazing coincidence, I actually live in the first world.

Thus, I have location-related problems.

For every problem m suffered by person n, there exists a problem o suffered by person p, such that person p can reasonably claim that o > n. This does not preclude the replacement of m,p by p,m.

“First World Problems” is really used more to mean “Wealthy People Problems”.

But hey, nitpick an obvious absurd joke with your xkcd algebra argumentation.