A question to ask yourself before you accept any invitation


Such first world problem.
Much niche.
Very obligation.
So advice.


This is weird advice. I’m pretty bad at preparing ahead of time, but I’d have to be abysmal at it for it not to matter whether something is a day away or a month away.

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The thing is, give anyone enough time to think about most things and they might change their mind. Heck no I wouldn’t want to do most things tomorrow or later on, yet I say yes anyway because I like to support friends or be there when they want to put together a social gathering. It’s polite. To think “would I do this tomorrow?” Is a selfish thing when you have no other obligations.

Now if its for something that doesn’t involve close friends then I could care less if I go or not.


Okay. It may be because I’m tired and grumpy, but that has got to be one of the most inane pieces of advice I’ve ever read. Jesus wept. I can think of a hundred different events I generally would like to attend, but not if they would suddenly be tomorrow. That “advice” pretty much prohibits everything that would take the tiniest bit of preparation to achieve. I would love to perform in a musical or visit Antarctica or even just attend a friends wedding or an awards ceremony or my own graduation, but if you sprung any of those on me tomorrow I would not be happy. All of those require planning and preparation, and I bloody well wouldn’t want to attend any of those without the chance to do just that. Hey, come defend your thesis tomorrow! NO. If a person is so tractable and easily led astray that they cannot say “no” to invitations and apparently doesn’t have the perseverance to actually prepare for those occasions they have agreed to, they might try growing a goddamn spine instead. Aaarggh.


I think it is a very good piece of advice. If it would make you happy in the short term, then it’s probably worth putting on the calendar.

I also see there are some more… process oriented people in the room.

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I suppose it might be good advice for people bad at time management. Other than that it’s pretty stupid.

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this is the best advice for picking up people in bars!!! :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if I get what problem this is solving. Is it that you accept invitations because you think later I will enjoy this? But in reality you won’t enjoy it later if you wouldn’t enjoy it today. Is that you accept a lot of invitations thinking, “but it’s later so it’s okay?” But in reality, it’s not okay today so it’s not okay later. ???

LOL, because the question I usually ask myself is, “Well, do I want to or not?” And if I don’t, I don’t. And if I do, I do.


Well, of course I can’t do it tomorrow, tomorrow is already planned with all that stuff I put in my calendar weeks ago.


It seems to be saying “Is this important enough to me that I would cancel whatever I have planned for tomorrow, no matter how inconvenient, in order to do this instead?” At least one of the examples being blowing off an event with your child to do the other thing instead. So yeah, advice by someone who doesn’t have deep commitments to people and/or long-term projects.


Tomorrow is already full with all the things I should have done today.


So, then it’s, would I find this so interesting that pissing off my family/friends/co-workers is totally worth going to this great event!

Now I’m firmly on the side of this is really stupid advice.


Yup. You got it.

I disagree. I would agree that that is how you chose to read the question, for whatever reason. My example would be, “Should I get a dog”. I would love to tomorrow, but it is impractical tomorrow. But I should probably make a point to organize things such that I get a dog, if practical. I seem to want one. Follow?

Gee, I took it to mean, “ask yourself if you would answer the same after giving it a day to sink in.” Often I will say yes to something just to appease or please the asker. Then later regret having said yes because I don’t really want to do it. I take the advice to be step back and be honest with yourself before committing.

I didn’t. But I still think its good advice.

That’s not a good invitation question.

A better one would be “Do you want to come to my dog’s birthday party.”

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Tomorrow? Sure! :wink: