A Republican candidate for Texas railroad commissioner shares her nearly nude campaign video

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Stay classy, Texas.


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For those who haven’t resided in TX, “Railroad Commissioner” is something of* a misnomer, it’s way bigger than the name might suggest:

*(And not having lived there myself in 20 years, I didn’t know until now that they no longer even deal w/ the railroads)


and somehow it still isn’t as tacky and tasteless as Trump…


She’s a Republican, but one who seems to have actual expertise in the agency’s domain. The agency has nothing to do with railroads and everything to do with regulating the Texas oil and gas industry (you’ll remember their performance last year during last year’s deadly winter storm). I suppose any GOP candidate there does what they must to appeal to the Know-Nothing voter base.

Plus you really have to work to be grosser than Cancun Cruz.


I found this blurb about her which suggests to me that she doesn’t exactly fit the mold for what we might expect for a Texas Republican politician. So cautiously optimistic, I guess?

Sarah’s audacity and tenacity shows up in her advocacy and thought leadership. She is a co-owner of a medical marijuana dispensary with locations in Natchez and Bioloxi, Mississippi. She has hosted a podcast curating content for current and future energy leaders across the globe. Today, you can find her on social media putting the oil and gas industry on notice for contaminated drinking water in West Texas.

I just hope this style of advertising doesn’t start a trend among GOP politicians. Nobody needs to see a near-nude Mitch McConnell humping an oil pumpjack.

  1. Uh - I am getting mixed signals. Is this Texas Oil Commissioner or Railroad Commissioner. Shouldn’t this be on a train?

  2. This should be a reply to every pearl clutching Republican commenting about the Half Time show.

:thinking: What about an oil pumpjack humping Mitch McConnell?


Oil is a hellava aphrodisiac in Texas.

Pump jokes will write themselves.


Political Reporter: What is your position on fossil fuels?

Candidate: Reverse Cowgirl.


I’ve been thinking*, other than having to have more interactions with Republicans, what’s keeping non-misanthropes, not-otherwise-Republicans (with time and/or money on their hands) from filing themselves as ostensible Republican candidates, but then running on actually reasonable/tolerable platforms? Make the same big noise about kickin’ ass and rollin’ up one’s sleeves but then spell out some actually useful/utilitarian idea. I know they wouldn’t get past the primary, I’m just imagining flooding the GOP primaries with reasonable/tolerable non-misanthropes (as opposed to the 2012 & 2016 presidential primaries where the next person out of the clown car dug deeper than the last) so the GOP voters’ preference for a real shit-heel is even more glaringly obvious**.

*given some definition of “thinking”
**assumes some nonzero quantity of shame/embarrassment is still there

Neither/both; see above

ETA: Just couldn’t be patient to preview the damn thing first


It’s a good time to remind everyone that an outright majority of Republicans as well as overwhelming majorities of democrats and independents support some level of legalized marijuana. Even though Texas is historically anti marijuana and is not one of the many states with some level of legalization it is in the official platform of the Texas Republican party. It’s really just at the federal and some state legislative levels that block this. It’s one of the things that almost everyone agrees on.

The holding oil and gas companies accountable is more surprising but also plenty of local republicans do make their name in some way looking out for the (right) little guy against big business. Once the reach higher office and higher campaign contributions they discover the error of their ways.


I see this video and immediately start worrying about workplace safety. Pasties are not appropriate work wear around moving machinery. She’s not wearing a hard hat. I’d think OSHA would have grave concerns about even a fully clothed person riding atop a pumpjack. The places where she’ll get rust and industrial grade grease are sensitive and should be treated with greater kindness!


Ah, so that explains why she’s humping an oil pump. She loves the job… just not in the way people usually mean that.


I’m sure the industry that this commission is supposed to grift, I mean regulate, are more than happy to fund, I mean endorse, someone that has no apparent qualifications for the job.


You won’t have to see that as this is an example of the current conservative’s movements’ deep investment in solidifying regressive gender norms.

One only has to look to the former Presidential couple for edification on the subject.


I don’t know much about this person but I DO know that the “McDonalds Hot Coffee Lawsuit” thing is, all these years later, a “nanny-state is out of control” canard, and here she is setting someone (perhaps a follower?) straight: https://www.tiktok.com/@theunicornlawyer/video/7038270318296911150.


Hmmm, checked her Instagram. Pro-choice, pro-marijuana legalization, pro-prison reform, pro-BLM and … Pro-fossil fuels (wtf???).

Oh, and she’s really proud of her boobs, if you couldn’t tell.


Probably there are a lot of male Texans voting for her (repeatedly) right now in the privacy of their own homes.


Having ridden Amtrak, I feel that we should keep our pants on when traveling but that is just my opinion, man.