Texas stripper asks police to protect her from conservative Christian state senator

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If he really isn’t harassing this woman, then surely the restraining order isn’t an issue for him…


Honestly, strippers are more credible than Republican state senators.


More affordable, too.


I just want to say, as one of the (no doubt few) card carrying Republicans around here, I am now cleaning Diet Coke off my keyboard and screen. 100% honest to god spit take.


Isn’t this the plot of Striptease?


She is believably Texan all right.

My odd-making skills tell me this:
100% chance they are both crazy.


Yes, but there are things that strippers won’t do, whereas, if the money is right, politicians will do anything.


technically, she is from Oklahoma, working in Oklahoma, and not Texan.

but? thats the smallest smallest part of this awesome story… :slight_smile:

Currently lives and works in Oklahoma, but it reads like she was originally from Texas:

Ortiz says she met the lawmaker at a Lubbock, Texas Republican Women’s
event in 2009, but later relocated to Denton, Texas, and then to

Agreed. :blush:

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Diapers~Vitter is a Christian Right Wing Loony with a diaper fetish!


His wife [self proclaimed Lorena Bobbett] says she’ll castrate him if he “sins” again. WTF!


well, the first line of the article does say: "An Oklahoma woman who dances at a “gentlemen’s club” has filed a protective order against "


by beloved 8 yr old son was born in California. When I go home to visit Texas, he understands, that even if we moved there today, and he lived the rest of his life there, because he was not born on Texas soil, he is not a Texan.

I also enjoy reading the articles by Californians who moved to Austin 6 months ago about how great it is to be a Texan. They aint. Born on soil? Texan. Born on Island? Galvestonian, Born anywhere else? Not a Texan.

Sad, but true.

Great stuff about real Texans, and Texas history can be found in the thoroughly delightful Texas Siftings, by Jerry Flemmons - http://www.amazon.com/Jerry-Flemmons-Texas-Siftings-Celebration/dp/0875651380/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

but back to the point, GW Bush was NOT born in Texas… :smiley:

Do people born in Austin count as Texan?


installed surveillance cameras in her home

This is where I began to really suspect she may have serious issues. If she knows there are cameras, she should have pointed to them or ripped them out for people to see. It’s hard to prove people are following you, but presumably she only knows there are cameras because she’s found them.


That picture of the senator is pinging my gaydar.

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That’s no fun. Move to NYC, in a bout 2 years you’re basically a New Yorker. Effectively the first time you see a grown man drop trow and take a dump on the subway you’re one of us.


Interestingly, nobody thought this was relevant, but the sexy twitter selfies were quite relevant apparently:

In Lubbock, Ortiz owned a political consulting company called Macdaddy
Campaign Network Inc.


Thanks for the completely unnecessary and gratuitous shot of the stripper, BB. Be sure to link it in the next article about obification or sexism.


Back in the 1970s, I was informed that if you lived in Texas for 25 years, you could consider yourself a naturalized Texan. Anything less and we might as well let folks who make a connection at DFW call themselves Texans.