A Republican group taunts Trump with a big, blunt reminder that he is a loser

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How much influence would a bigass billboard in NYC have on the problematic republicans (almost, but not quite redundant)? I’m not sure how to reach out to uneducated repubs (as opposed to the fascists that make up so much of the Republican Party now), but a billboard in NYC feels like a waste of money to me.


A fair point just because you can’t convince people whose minds are already made up, but I think there’s a little bit of solace in the fact that this was done by Republicans.


They need to be plastered all up and down I-95 from Richmond, south.


They need to put another one up just outside Mar-a-Lago. Loooo-sahhh!


It ain’t just the south, sunshine…



The website says

The billboard below will run in ​​major markets in states where there’s discussion about an audit of the 2020 election, including Georgia, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Arizona, as well as New York City’s Times Square.

Running an ad in Times Square will ensure that the campaign gets media coverage. By the way, the billboard in Times Square is a digital display, so the Trump Lost ad might be simply one of many ads that are displayed in rotation.


Yet somehow, after all this, they’re still Republicans. I can only assume they’ll still be voting for him in 2024, then.


Yeah, that was my thought, too. But Times Square is basically all tourists, so it’s probably somewhat effective. Probably ate up a huge portion of their budget, though.


More like they want to keep trolling Trump because he’ll keep saying stupid shit, like “if they don’t declare the 2020 election was fraud and I was the winner, no one should go vote.”

I’m all for it, too.


Yeah, there should be prominent saturation advertising, in all red states, for months after the election.

And it shouldn’t be a private group funding it. We need many billions of federal money going into this ad campaign, because right now tens of millions are still dangerously in a stupor of denial.

Deep in their reptilian brain stems, they know Trump lost, but with all the encouragement by alt-right media outlets, and by the Loser himself, they allow themselves to drift along in collective outrage and error. (The funniest Trumpist T-shirt is the one with peak projection: “You know he won!”)

Just passed a guy in town with the “tRump Won” flags for sale, last week they were
$10 US, now they are $5 US, hard times I guess…


So the point is what, to try to pull voters from the pro-Trump side of the GOP to the anti-Trump side of the GOP? Good luck with that! I’m pretty certain pro-Trumpers see anti-Trumpers as RINOs at best and satanic pedophiles at worst.

If anything, this is just going to rile up pro-Trumpers even more, they’ll be putting extra effort into purging anti-Trumpers from the party, gerrymandering and passing voter suppression laws. The best thing to do is just let them think Trump won, and that he is just about to be reinstated as President, and drag that out till 2024. There’s no point in trying to convert them, you just want to make them feel secure so that they’re passive right up until the point it’s too late.

You can’t convince idiots that they’re wrong by using facts.


This kinda looks like the Hershey’s store just decided to take a swipe at Trump.

I take these as glad tidings. Supply outpacing demand for these chuckleheads.


Need one across from this garbage on 95 near Richmond, Va. Stat.


Take care of two losers with one billboard.


Whoever put that one there, really doubled-down on it. It memorializes this asshole. I’m thinking (but may be mistaken) that it went up after Charlottesville.


It’s been a while since I’ve driven by the location and seems it’s gone now…

Good. VDOT just happened to buy up the land.

“They said their freedom of expression was violated and that they are planning to fly the Confederate flag again in a location nearby. “

Looks like I-95 might just be getting wider in that area too boys…


Honestly the weirdest part of this whole campaign is that the group in question has a website on the .gop TLD, which AFAIK is a privately-controlled domain. So either the IT staff in charge of .gop domain registration are on board with them, or the party as a whole is more desperate to ditch the bastard than they let on in public (until he comes back, anyway).


We could use a few north of Bangor, Maine, too.