A round up of breitbart - abandon hope all ye who enter


arglebarlge…whaaaaaaaat? well wow they really are ready to implode and turn the knives on each other aren’t they.


Um. Milo. Ann Coulter canceled her own speech when the student group withdrew her speaker fee. UC Berkeley was still hosting it. Calm your tits.


Aww, darn! :wink:


These days, only in private, I suspect. He tested the waters and found that some outrageous subjects are too radioactive even for folks down with HH88 whatever.


It seems that the alt-right was massively offended-by-proxy by Colbert’s “cock holster” remark and are manufacturing a trend of #FireColbert. Breitbart has at least four threads banging on it.

The people who are cheering Trump’s freedom-to-discriminate order, and want to see same-sex marriage rolled-back are now being deeply offended on behalf of the LGBT community. I’m sure that their boycott of a show that they never watch will show Colbert the error of his ways. (I would have said “bring him to his knees”, but I didn’t want to offend anyone.)

P.S. Be sure to Google “Trump is a cock holster” to see where the mock outrage is coming from, including lame attempts to equate Colbert with O’Reilly.


Several of my far-lefty friends are also saying they’re massively offended by it, railing on about how Colbert is ‘enabling homophobia’ and ‘normalizing gay panic’, and joining in the #CancelColbert noise.

I’ve tried to suggest to them that Colbert wasn’t actually literally saying that “Trump would give Putin a blowjob and therefore being gay is the most evil thing there is”, and that Colbert was making a lewd reference to Trump being submissive, but they’re not having it.


Breitblot is screwing over their own readers by completely misinforming them about net-neutrality. I’m not sure what they gain by that in the long-run.

The story they and their bots are trying to push the idea that net neutrality is Soros-backed equal time for liberal viewpoints. Quoi?

Christie-Lee McNally is the Director of Free Our Internet. Free Our Internet (www.freeourinternet org) is a non-profit citizen group whose mission is to educate the public about how leftist super-elites and their powerful corporate allies in Silicon Valley have methodically used their wealth and political influence to erode the public’s internet freedoms and destroy alternative media. Our goal is to empower the public to fight back against the tech-left’s well-funded war to control our means of communication, information, organizing, and mobilizing: the internet. Free Our Internet and its supporters stand for free speech and expression online, protecting the diversity of ideas, and opposing government actions that undermine Internet openness and transparency.


Smells like a Telco AstroTurf group.


Yeah, their domain was registered April 4th, and they’re all upset about John Oliver.


Breitbart are trying their hardest to make the Comey hearing look like no big thing. 100% of the spin is in the four line title:

That’s It? Ultra-Hyped Comey Testimony Becomes a :hole::hamburger:

…Told Trump He Wasn’t Under Investigation…

…’Uneasy’ About ‘Loyalty’ Discussion…

…Read: Full Text

Usually when they do that thing with the ellipsis it’s one story per line, but here it all links through to a full dump of the text, with no highlights or commentary and an unrelated, blustering propaganda video at the top about what Trump’s doing in Ohio. The comments are all focused on the fact that Trump was not under investigation, with no evidence that anyone has read through the text and discovered the more nuanced implication that Trump isn’t personally under investigation, yet.

This hearing is maybe the biggest turd to have hit Trump’s fan so far, I will be interested to see how breitbart manage it. Who’s getting thrown under the bus this time?

And what’s a :hole::hamburger:?


A “nothing burger”. I’ve been hearing that one a lot lately but this is the first emoji version I’ve seen.


and more spin from 45’s lawyer:


A hole burger?


They had two stories about the covfefe pub crawl and the free rounds when Trump tweets.

DELINGPOLE has been whinging about climate change, saying that 80 graphs prove it doesn’t exist. LOL! He took graphs out of papers, cherry-picked 80 of them, zoomed in on something that he thinks proves his point. “Proof by graph”, good grief!



“The angry critics descended on Breitbart after the website parted ways on Monday with writer Katie McHugh following incendiary remarks she made about Muslims in the aftermath of the London terror attack.”

When the hate dissipates they leave like cockroaches after the light turns on.


Hilarious quote from the end of the CNN piece:

"The left is eager to sow division within the right," Watson added, "and we shouldn't be helping them do that."

LOL. No, fools, we’ve made mountains of popcorn, we’re sitting back, and enjoying the flaming shit show! There’s no need to “sow division” in a camp that’s busy tearing itself apart.


Oh my! Are the basement nazis now homeless?

I’ve found that it really pays to track the “think tanks” and other organizations lurking in Breitbart stories. When they show up, you know it’s not just a fluff piece and the real players are in the game.

Heritage Foundation
Judicial Watch


13 Comey stories today. It would have been a solid 13 straight, but the last one was interrupted by UK election news.

The bots were probably cranked up in the comments to discourage careful thinking.



The comments set a new low for Breitbart: Imagine the worst, then double-down.