A round up of breitbart - abandon hope all ye who enter


I expect those comments reflect exactly what is being said inside the oval office.


What health care?

"Breitbart featured several articles on the CIA story, including one that quoted almost exclusively from a WikiLeaks press release. In “WikiLeaks Exposes CIA’s Covert Global Hacking Program,” the Daily Caller similarly emphasized many of the organization’s claims, including its assertion “that CIA malware can be used to ‘penetrate, infest and control’ Android and iPhone software ‘that runs or has run presidential Twitter accounts.’ ” But it also described Julian Assange’s accompanying statement as “rambling” and wrote, “The veracity of the documents has not been verified and it is not yet clear whether the release marks a major breach of the CIA.” -Slate


Also conspicuously absent is any mention of Junior. I got a smile out of this headline:

FAKE NEWS: White House Calls Idea of ‘Second Meeting’ Between Trump and Putin ‘False, Malicious and Absurd’

Never mind the meeting that did happen, let’s all talk about one that didn’t happen!

Looks like the next thing on the horizon with health care is repeal now, replace later. Because they couldn’t come up with a good plan, now they’re going to take a run at it with no plan at all. Even the breitbart comments are devoid of enthusiasm for the idea. It’s all Lyin’ Ryan’s fault.


It was a public event in terms of the G20 members, the problem is he didn’t report the meeting and didn’t use a US translator.


There seems to be a spike in stories reporting how great Breitbart has been.

Are they experiencing a drift in readers bored with Breitbart and Trump?


From the “Because you’re the real nazis here” department:


I wonder why…
CONSERVATIVE: “My friend Joe supported Hillary? Ha, what a weenie. Probably a moment of guilt or weakness. Anyway, she lost, and I don’t hear Joe whining about Trump, so water under the bridge, huh?”

LIBERAL: “My friend voted for a guy who wants me dead.”


:musical_score: :musical_note: Scaramucc, scaramucc, can you do the fandango? :musical_note:

Fun to see what the commenters think of a guy like Trump when he’s not Trump.

Mooch worries me. Seems like a loose cannon with a foul mouth thug-like character. Show some class and style. This ain’t the minor leagues or the ghetto. His arrogance and ego needs to step back.


“No wrath for White House globalists: Kushner, Cohn spared”

Gee, I wonder what those two have in common…


He probably wants them to un-ban alt-right a-holes, and stop filtering out their fake news.


According to Bannon Bretbart, Bannon is a great guy, works 24/7.


Bannon Breitbart continues to call Bannon a stand-up guy, says Scaramucci might be a “Possible ‘Early’ Casualty”.

Granted that they’re quoting Buchanan, but if they farm enough people, they’ll find someone who says what they want to spread as the message, using Bannon’s tool. It seems early to call Scaramucci a dead man talking.

In a Scaramucci-Bannon fight, I’d maybe hope for Scaramucci. That would un-tether Robert Mercer and Cambridge Analytica‎.

A big question, if Trump reads anything, does he read Breitbart? (Bannon would know. Hell, they’d probably narrow-cast the site content tailored for his phone.)

Scooch, Mooch! Trump removes Scaramucci from communications director job

Well, sure, you’ve gotta work hard to stay flexible enough to keep sucking your own dick, especially with a flab bag like Bannon.


Bee on Bannon (funny and scary the same time)

“the alt-right is writing US policy in that shitty fucking meme font”


But her emails! Benghazi!

Judicial Watch does do a lot of Freedom of Information Act requests, which is good. Except that they always seem to be extremely partisan and targeted, which is bad.

They sure do have a big war chest:




Oh, FFS, it’s well past time for the Republicans to either come to the realization that the Clinton’s are made of Teflon (as far as their witch hunts go, this may well be true) or that they’re both very intelligent political animals that instinctively know how to stay juuust outside provable trouble.

Shorter: stop wasting our tax dollars turning over dust motes.


Or, possibility number three… she didn’t actually do anything wrong.


Going from the WSJ to Breitbart … I used to think that the journalists who end up shilling for Scientology had the worst career-arcs, but now I’m not sure.


Stop sucking your own cock Steve.

“Trump has told associates he’s fed up with what he sees as self-promotion by Bannon”