A round up of breitbart - abandon hope all ye who enter


Bannon is going to war against McMaster

Seriously, why the fuck can’t a seasoned military officer kick the ass of some two-bit right wing mag editor? WTF? Just punch his face in. Leave him bleeding and crawling down the West Wing hallways. Enough of this shit.


I noticed that Breitbart went into paralysis yesterday. They had a live thread for the rally, with updates at the top, and when the news started coming out about the killing, the updates slowed down quite a bit. They didn’t spin off any new stories for quite a while either.

A peek behind the scenes yesterday would have been interesting, as well as Bannon’s call logs and emails.


Paranoid Nazis trying to justify themselves.


Darby highlighted the danger of mainstream media outlets giving a “wink-wink, nod-nod to these violent people to take it to the streets.”

“When you do that, it creates an environment for more violence,” he cautioned. “I’m not blaming what happened in Charlottesville on anybody other than the racist who drove his car into a crowd of people, a person I believe to a racist if the reports I read are true, and I believe they are. But I’ll tell you this: we had months and months where Trump rallies and anything that was right-of-center were attacked by leftist thugs who beat the hell out of people and created a violent scenario. When you do that, you create a scenario where more violent people want to show up at protests simply to get in fights, and to have that experience.”

“The far left gets violent, then the far right gets more violent, then the far left ups the ante, and then the far right ups the ante, and we end up with dead people,” he said.

Months and months of attacks by leftist thugs on Trump rallies, and anything right-of-center. Somehow I think asking for specifics would be a waste of time.

Still, Brandon Darby seems like a perfectly trustworthy type, and not a head-case out for attention. Right?


You would have thought that someone who was associated with far left groups would have known that antifa have been around for nearly a century in one form or another.

This is from the early 1930s. Darby probably thinks they were upping the ante too.

Can we start looking outside of the Overton Window as well? Darby’s “right of centre” is the far right in most of the world, and the sooner we can get other people to realise that, the better.


Brietbart Punked

or was it?


Can’t be sure, but there’s something about that story that triggered my propaganda alarms hard. Seems sketchy as hell.


I think the past few years of scam pranksters being outed effortlessly casts a skeptical eye on anyone still bragging about he moniker. If it is propaganda than it is simply to serve the idea that Breitbart is loyal, CNN fortunately didn’t fall for the trap of publishing whatever thing the Breitbart guy’s supposedly said about Ivanka.


Some of the stuff does seem too over-the-top.


That one in particular is looking like a bit of attempted fascist jamming.


Are the Russians feeding the Barbarian?

More Soros accusations on Brietbart this AM.


Through the miracle of extreme cherry-picking, this bad news:

New GW Battleground Poll Finds Widespread Public Concern About President Trump’s Behavior

transmogrifies into this:

(No mention that Washington elites are to blame in the original material. I guess I need the special glasses to see it.)




I somehow missed this on Monday


And you know the only reason Breitbart apologised is that Podolski has money. Had it been just some guy on vacation who couldn’t afford big lawyers, they wouldn’t have budged.

Sadly, Thiel set a precedent. A very dangerous one that doesn’t (at least) immunize his buddies.


If the alt-right could learn one thing, Not Your Private Army should be it. (Dox or GTFO would fine too.)


A lot of the articles on Breitbart are reports on what other publications have said about Bretbart. Is that to add some kind of weird credence to their stories?? “We’re crazy and other sites confirm it!”


Late to this one but wtf?

Breitbart had issued an apology when the article was updated, this time with a different picture.

“A previous version of this story included an image of Lukas Podolski on a jet ski. This image appeared as an illustration of a person on a jet ski. Breitbart London wishes to apologise to Mr Podolski,” the editor’s note read.

“There is no evidence Mr Podolski is either a migrant gang member, nor being human trafficked. We wish Mr Podolski well in his recently announced international retirement.”

Do Breitbart really think they needed to tell their readers that Lukas Podolski was not being trafficked or a migrant gang member?

I hope even USians know that there aren’t hordes of world-class footballers trying to pedalo their way to Britain or being rounded up in the Sudan and transported in the back of lorries to Calais.

I’m pretty sure if that were the case, the Daily Mail would have told us about it.


“Other publications” is mostly Politico, from what I’ve seen. It seems to me that breitbart want to give themselves some legitimacy in the eyes of their readers by drawing an equivalence between themselves and politico. Something like “sure, breitbart is a weaponised right-wing news site, but politico is a weaponised left-wing news site! It’s OK for me to read radical propaganda instead of news, because the Other Side is doing it too.”

Maybe that’s not the best way of putting it? But I think breitbart needs to be able to claim that they’re not the instigators of the shitfest that they have in fact instigated, they’re the response. The beleaguered, persecuted underdogs. It’s a hallmark of this and all white supremacist movements to claim that their aggressions are acts of self-defence.

Top comment from the article you’ve posted:

Politico is the place the far-left Republican ruling class goes to send out warnings to the donor class about what needs to be done to silence the voters.

Also from the comments section of the same article, totally unrelated but I’m posting it here anyway because what in the name of all fuck:

Racist is a word made up in 1927 by Russia to make folks conform to Communism.

I imagine they needed to spell it out unambiguously for legal reasons, but I think if you’re a committed breitbartian you probably read that sentence and the one following it as being somewhat sarcastic.

Again it feeds into the persecution narrative. From the comments of the Podolski article:

The german press is scared of sites like breitbart getting more popular. Sites outside their network they can’t control are frightening to them.

Breitbart has the courage to point out real fake news and that’s why it makes itself a target.

That’s my little effort at breitbartology. I’m struggling to articulate what exactly might have been the thought process that led to this choice of article image, though:

I don’t know but I feel like pretty soon we’re all going to start getting called nazis for trying to stop the nazis from being nazis.


You have not noticed the “antifa are the real Nazis!” battlecry yet?