A Round Up of Resistance to Trump



Given the handwringing (spin) on some outlets on how she destroyed the first responders’ holiday:


Here’s the original tweet for a bit of extra context (which makes the @AmandaAynDavis tweet even more awesome):


Oh please let one of them be the chucklefuck who was tossing M-80s on the train tracks outside my apartment at 12am and scaring the SHIT out of my babies.Seriously, I don’t even see how anyone can get excited enough about 4th of July to blow their dick off this year. I can barely summon the enthusiasm for America to light a sparkler.

ETA: In retrospect, I would love have lit a sparkler in solidarity with Therese Patricia Okoumou. Fuck yeah.

Buzzkill alert: The thousands of illegal fireworks over L.A. cause air pollution

Annnnnd now this week in particular has two Mondays. Thanks for losing Great Britain. /s



Talk to the hand Sessions.


And now she’s apparently being abandoned by the org that was using her in the first place.




Make sure that they fill it with Helium.



According to IMDB, Woods hasn’t worked very much for the last few years. He’s done some voice acting for an animated cartoon, and also for an upcoming video game.








I don’t know if I should be putting this British petition here, but as Frank Field referred to Esther McVey’s (Secretary of State for Work and Pensions) lying as Trumpian I thought it would fit.

DPAC Petition to get McVey sacked for lying to parliament – please sign and share, share, share

We don’t normally do petitions – but if there is a chance of getting McVey sacked – even a slim chance – we’ll take it – so here goes

Please sign, share on social media, your email address book, with your friends, family, neighbours, ex-partners, loose acquaintances, in the post office, round the railway station, the bowls club, with next doors cat, anywhere – just share, share, share, share

We need to get this going big time and we need a big effort from everyone who sees this email

So please click this link (https://www.change.org/p/cabinet-office-disabled-people-against-cuts-demand-mcvey-must-go-for-lies-over-universal-credit) to go to the petition page and get signing and sharing ……

Share it with people who can sign it, and if you can too, please do.


This is simply delightful.





The company, which once provided guards for CIA facilities in Iraq

Once companies like that get used to operating in places where they effectively are the law, don’t expect them to change when they come back home.


Yep, I think you’re right.

In the same vein, once you get prison guards conditioned to curbing their compassion to emprison humans, I don’t think we should expect them suddenly rediscover their humanity when emprisoning families and children. Same deal; it’s just not how it goes.