A Round Up of Resistance to Trump


LIVE: ‘Trump Baby’ balloon sets flight -CNN



But they love him. Just ask.


I’ve never seen a more perfect example of the disconnect between the will of the people and government as i have when watching today’s mass protests. So brexit is the will of the people huh? Then you should know, may, that the will of the people is telling herr dump to fuck off.


Keeping score?

“Special counsel Robert Mueller has now brought 191 criminal charges against 32 people and 3 companies as part of his investigation into Russian meddling and related matters. This includes today’s indictment which has 112 new charges against 12 Russian operatives.” -CNN


While that’s utterly BRILLIANT trolling on the part of our UK cousins, it’s a helluva an insult to the Daleks… and I say that as someone who hates the Daleks as antagonists in the series.


LOL :rofl:


Noooooo! Don’t poison the nice corgis like that!

(Though I can appreciate the sentiment. If only we had SCP-682 right about now… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


He’s so loved by the British public that he can’t risk meeting us as we might tear him to pieces in showing our love for him.


Can we arrange for Airforce One to disappear over the Bermuda Triangle, just to mess with the conspiracy theorists?


Whatever works, yo; as long as that fucker gets ghost…


Too many peeps onboard. Now, him having deep vein thrombosis, causing a pulmonary embolism, okay.



The trump baby blimp designers speak on the project.


Oh. My. GOD.

This may be his best one yet. And timely.


Today over on Wall Street…



What a cock of bull-pricks…


That’s fucken gold.