A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


“According to the C.B.O. report, the bill would make health insurance so unaffordable for many older Americans that they would simply leave the market and join the ranks of the uninsured. The remaining pool of people would be comparatively younger and healthier and, thus, less expensive to cover.”


There you go, problem solved. Just don’t cover the expensive people.


I read a story yesterday about how the Trump voters that are happy with him don’t have a clue what he’s actually doing. They don’t watch the news or read newspapers or internet news sites, except Breitbart/Drudge. Yet they think they are all caught up on what’s happening.


Older voters (ages 65 and older) preferred Trump over Clinton 53%-45%.


That’s why I’ve been reading Breitbart. As far as I can tell, the right wing sites are all an information closed loop. They are fed by Breitbart and Drudge, and then it’s just circulated through. Drudge I think does a better job of giving a big assortment of topics, but Breitbart is really narrow. I assume, because of Bannon, that it is directly being fed information from him to spin stories a certain way. So, for example, the Rachel Maddow show, they had a big headline all cued up to counter her narrative immediately as soon as her show aired. I also suspect that they have sockpuppets that go into the comments sections and kind of lead the cheers over there. I think it’s important to see how the world looks from the Fox/Breitbart/Drudge point of view, partly because if you talk to someone “on the other side of the fence” they will surely bring up some story that you had no idea what they are talking about. Like, Chicago. They are obsessed with Chicago’s murder rates. If you don’t want to be taken by surprise, it’s good to at least know what their conversations are like so you can formulate some answers.


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I agree with all that. What I’ve noticed is that they like to change the subject, especially to Hillary and Obama. It’s like pulling teeth to get them to stay on topic, and some just refuse to. Their minds are made up and they just don’t want facts about Trump. And they label anything bad as “fake news” anyway.


Lets see how that tune changes when they start having fake jobs and fake health insurance.


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Second, we all have confirmation bias. I think this election in particular really showed that. We are not rational creatures. We pick a side and cheer for it until the death. It’s really destructive for us all. For me, personally, I have found politics this last cycle grueling because I live with a Trump supporter. I feel like what is happening to polarize the country is tearing us apart. I have been committed to trying to find other ways to talk, other ways to listen.

The other side feels we are just as irrational, and we are. Obama, man, when he came into office I was so lukewarm on him. But over time I really came to like him, but then, did he just become my team? I mean, there were some real policy issues that he championed.

I need to see how we can cross the divide and start to take other people’s concerns seriously. I don’t like Trump but the people I know who do are not stupid. I’m tired of all the put downs. And we are driving people into their racist/sexist bubbles with how we are engaging from this need to always be right.

I was brought up seeing conversation as a way of winning, of being right, of making someone see my side. And it’s not working. I wish I had all the answers, I feel like I am learning some ideas to explore. I know I can’t ignore this other side of the media that doesn’t seem to speak to me. I’ve got to somehow make friends with it and see what is attractive about it.


That seems like a very healthy attitude. I tend to agree that we pick a side and cheer for it a long time, but some do come to see the other side. When I was a young adult, I was extremely Right-Wing. My girlfriend’s parents were strongly John Birch and I got that side of the issues. I remained very RW until I actually started listening to what the arguments were, and realized that Bill Clinton made more sense than, say, Newt Gingrich. Now I tend to be socially moderate, while still somewhat fiscally conservative (relatively speaking, of course). But it’s hard to talk to people who know almost nothing while insisting they are experts.


I know somewhere I heard a guy talking about how fundamentally there are people who are raised with authoritative parental figures and those raised with more supportive parents and that there is some brain development that goes on there really early that makes one predisposed toward one point of view or the other. I really really don’t get the appeal of someone like Gingrinch, and I do think that people who like him have some kind of love of strong authority. Trump, too, I think the fact that he has fuck you money and lives in his own reality is something a lot of people aspire to.

The great irony in all this is that the Democrats have been the ones working to draft legislation to protect the miners called the Miners’ Protection Act – yet coal miners overwhelmingly voted for Trump.

Did any of them bother to tell the coal miners about that?


Anyone remembering Cop Killer and what happened when that song came out?


The outrage was hilarious


And insane. I still think that it was aimed at the song because it was an election year and Bodycount as a band was aimed at white youths. It’s not like there wasn’t other metal/thrash/punk out there with violent themes… but a black dude sings about it!!! Can’t have that!


These busybodies wouldn’t have understood punk… but hip hop is scary black men!


Oh, well the talk show circuit in the 1980s had PLENTY to say about punk - look up Donahoe’s punk show or Serena Dank who had a cottage industry of “saving” those poor punkers. You could throw a rock and hit an 80s drama kvetching over the dangers of punk. There was something of a mini-punk panic in the 80s to go along with the satanic panic.