A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Uh oh!


That’s not an argument for keeping Trump, it’s an argument to be prepared for the next round of the fight.






Brilliant illustration. That will make the Smithsonian Castle across the Mall pretty sad.


Too subtle.


If his wife weren’t with him, he couldn’t go anywhere where women are present. He would have to enjoy the company of men instead…



We’re going to have to start a new thread!


So there are two Mike Pences and they’re both gay?


Turkish President Erdogan told the US President Trump that Turkey will strike back if it will be attacked by Syrian Kurdish fighters also known as YPG. He gave this statement during his visit to the US this week.

Donald Trump had extended the US support to they YPG by providing them with more war weapons. The US did so that it can dislodge Islamic State (IS) which is a militant group in Raqqa, an area of Syria. YPG is a powerful, strong and a robust militant group which works under the umbrella of



I don’t think “Comey says Trump tried to shut down Flynn investigation” is breitbart “playing it straight”. A common subtext in many breitbart headlines is about who’s saying what, so you’ll see “[out-of-touch hollyweird liberal] says Trump is a threat to democracy” next to “[someone we told you to like] says Trump is the bestest ever”.

Breitbart has been running stories quoting various people claiming that there is no investigation at all, so in that context a headline like this should be read as calling Comey a liar.


If there is going to be more color on the Mall I’d pick the MAD version.


That’s a good point. Once I set my own bias aside and put on the Breitbart bias, I see how they’d mean it that way.


Is the White House White Washing J. Lieberman’s Wiki for FBI Position?

“The Daily Beast’s White House reporter Lachlan Markay found that somebody edited Wikipedia to remove Trump from Lieberman’s law firm’s list of clients. As Markay pointed out, the IP used to make those edits previously edited the page for White House senior advisor Stephen Miller.”


“Lieberman works at the same law firm as Trump’s longtime lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, and an administration source tells me that connection — which could make it look like Trump is trying to install an ally at the top of the bureau — has become a matter of concern within the White House.”


An interesting read and overview of all possibilities of Russian involvement with the Trump regime.


“L’Affair Russe” Sounds sooo clinquant!


Jennifer Aniston moment on the Trump Express?