A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


People calling the crossover point between the Republicans and Democrats as moderate or the centre is actually worrying me now. In the past I just considered it inaccurate, but now it is normalising fascism.

If your moderates are in any way considering supporting fascism (no matter how mildly) then they aren’t moderate. If your political centre is right next to fascism then your political system is fucked up, hopefully not beyond repair.


It’s becoming linguistically difficult; I’ve been flicking between half a dozen alternate labels for the establishment Dems (there’s one) because it’s tricky to find a label that accurately describes them but doesn’t shut down conversation.

DNC Democrats, Corporate Democrats, Right-wing Democrats, Authoritarian Liberals…those all draw objection or create confusion in at least some circumstances, providing an easy deflection from the substance of whatever was being discussed.

Ditto for ideologically-focused language; “centrist” or “moderate” have very different meanings depending upon where you stand (e.g. to me, Bernie is a moderate centrist). And “liberal” just adds to the confusion when dealing with folks who still think that liberal = left.

If I were not restraining my language for the sake of diplomacy, “Quisling” would come up a lot more often.



TFW your reflexive impulse to take credit for literally everything that happens around you ends up with you admitting to the commission of a felony.

Also, in today’s edition of “people who are too stupid to realize they shouldn’t say these things in written communication”…



Which is why I prefer “Over their dead bodies!” instead.



Week 55 roundup.


Trump’s personal lawyer is now admitting that he wrote the “I fired General Flynn” tweet and says he didn’t mean to word it in a way that implicated the President as obstructing justice. Unfortunately, as all tweets from the President are considered official policy, its author really doesn’t matter. It’s still an impeachable offense.


It’s still an impeachable offense.

Sucks that there’s such a big difference between “impeachable offense” and “something for which a Republican-led Congress is willing to impeach.”


About that impeachment we’re all counting on…



I have a bridge to sell anyone who actually buys Dowd’s claims that he wrote that tweet. Trump can never fail, he can only be failed, so any perceived failings (or accidental admissions of obstructing justice) are always blamed on someone else.


That smile? A 91-year-old relative recently said that she’d “like to smash his face in”.


Almost every sane person I’ve spoken to recently expresses the same sentiment. I can only imagine what someone of less than sound mind must be thinking these days.


This is something I’ve wondered, myself. I feel like by intentionally stoking the anger of our less-than-stable voters, repeatedly lying to them in obvious ways, and then taking away their healthcare and giving the ultra-rich a huge Christmas bonus, they’re sorta playing with fire. Or high-powered explosives tucked under the Oval Office.


Corrected that for you. -Kim Jong-un



Well we are fucked. It is going to be a hard time fixing this.