A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Yeah, I don’t really buy this at all. This isn’t “Build the wall”, it’s “Relocate the Embassy to Jerusalem.” No one was chanting that, it didn’t get big cheers when he said it to crowds of his supporters, it’s got more syllables than a Steven Seagal movie title. I think the odds he remembers promising this or cares that he promised this are zero.





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Support for Jerusalem

Millions of evangelical eyes were on Trump, waiting to see if he would keep his campaign promise to move the embassy, longtime Pastor John Hagee told Fox News ahead of the president’s official announcement.

“I can assure you that 60 million evangelicals are watching this promise closely because if President Trump moves the embassy into Jerusalem, he will historically step into immortality,” Hagee said. “He will be remembered for thousands of years for his act of courage to treat Israel like we already treat other nations.”

“If he does not, he will be remembered as just another president who made a promise he failed to keep which would generate massive disappointment in that strong evangelical base that went to vote for him against Hillary Clinton,” he added.

Hagee is the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church, a megachurch in San Antonio, Texas. He founded the nonprofit Christians United for Israel in 2006 as well.


Onward christian soldiers… :musical_note:




Future: “Wait! Why is my office flooded today? Sad.”


I guarantee you won’t find many (if any) American Jews who think this is anything but a warmongering catastrophe.


AIPAC signaled its support for the move, but didn’t mobilize donors or members.


You’re talking about a massive PAC with tens if not hundreds of thousands of members who celebrated Trump’s speech so strongly that AIPAC came out afterwords and apologized saying they violated their non-partisan standards because the cheers insulting Obama got. There was a strong rift like all groups, but even in the article @Wanderfound linked the embassy move was described it like:

“It was never a top priority on the Jewish community’s agenda,” said a long-time activist in a Jewish advocacy group who asked not to be identified in order to speak freely about the biggest American-Jewish Israel lobbying group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. “Everyone always wanted the embassy to move to Jerusalem, but it never made it to the top three.”

Moving the embassy has been a big thing since the 90s as far as I am aware.


The guy who ran for President based on his so-called ability to negotiate deals just completely destroyed America’s ability to act as an arbiter in the decades-long Israel/Palestine conflict. It’s not just that this administration sucks at diplomacy, it’s like they find the very concept of diplomacy strange and offensive.


They aren’t interested in acting as an arbiter (and there’s the point that the idea of the US as a neutral arbiter in the conflict was always highly problematic).

Netanyahu is drooling at the prospect of crushing Palestine without interference, and the Trumpists are fully on board with that.


I’ll put it this way: Jews living in America who consider Israel their true home country and are primarily concerned with its politics and bolstering its strength on the world stage are (literally) invested in this move.

I’d say most Jews living in America who consider America their country think this is a moronic act.


I’d say that’s pretty accurate, it’s just a sizable portion of the US population that feels strongly about the move.


Disagree. The evangelical are small in numbers yet powerful in the current administration. Pence is their savior and gatekeeper to a self professed armageddon. Make no mistake, these people believe the end time is upon us


Hell they want to hasten the process and that is fucking scary.


Well yeah, when you encourage, promote, and cheer religious warfare and widespread ecological destruction leading to extinction level events while blindly supporting an almost certainly literally demented psychopath who is one temper tantrum away from giving orders for nuclear holocaust, you are pretty much stoking a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Bannon et al are the real accelerationists in US politics. They are deliberately trying to start WWIII, becuase they think they can “win” it.


GOP to the poor: Please have the courtesy to wither and die out of public view.


Trump has been lying though his teeth so much, they all fell out.



But I will bet Pence does.

If Don is a con, Pence is far more Machiavellian.