A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡



(Yes, grammar robot this is a complete sentence.)




God Trump pisses me off. Saw his tweet in the middle of this article:

Reading: “AUSTIN BOMBING SUSPECT IS DEAD. Great job by law enforcement and all concerned.”

  1. Gleeful allcaps for someone dying
  2. Top executive in charge of administering nations laws rejoices at death of suspect (i.e. not guilty of anything, in eyes of law)
  3. Police have no idea if this guy acted alone, investigation continues, this guy dying might have been a colossal fuck-up


But he just said that because he doesn’t think Trump will do it. I have no faith in the GOP to do the right thing. They’ll jut move those goalposts.



Who wants to bet the Austin bombing story is going to almost disappear from Fox News coverage today?




I think we’ll find out one way or the other in the next few weeks.


Indeed. Speaking of the GOP… they just had a neo-nazi win one of their primaries:

To be fair, he ran unopposed, but the fact that they were unwilling to put up someone else in the primary speaks volumes.


Wow! In Illinois!

I didn’t know as a child that the Blue Brothers was political satire from the future.


Unopposed, but 20,000 people felt the need to get out and vote for him anyway! That is the terrifying part.


And it’s kind of hard to know how many people did that just because he had an R by his name and how many of them did it because they like his message, and how much overlap there is between the two.


It’s not his first attempt, and they’ve had years to drop something in the party’s charter, rules of conduct, etc, that would block Nazis, but they didn’t. That speaks volumes too.


But freeze peach! /s

Indeed. I find it very frustrating that the GOP has been dog whistling racism for years, and now are shocked at how much the white supremacists identify with the GOP! It’s not rocket surgery folks! You dog whistle on race, you end up with racists in your party!


Holy fucksocks:


What the heck?

The New York Times said it had obtained a draft of a proposal U.S. negotiators would to limit NAFTA members from creating rules requiring food makers to add warning symbols to the packaging of unhealthy drinks and packaged foods.

Specifically, the U.S. wants to include a provision in NAFTA to prevent any warning system that “inappropriately denotes that a hazard exists from consumption of the food or nonalcoholic beverages.”


Makes sense to me, in this era of President Big Mac.


I felt the same way. The gleeful announcement of his death - especially with zero regard for the victims was just galling.

Lots of people were overjoyed when OBL was killed but can you imagine how it would have been perceived if Obama had done anything even remotely close to this when announcing his death?