A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Sorry, DOMESTIC terrorism. As usual.


Rep Collins’ absence from that town hall about gun violence hasn’t gone unnoticed by the local news channels

So he thought he was gonna yelled at by young people but it looks like it was full of older people. Was he worried he was going to yelled at by old people in a church? :joy:

This shows his really bad habit of avoiding crowds and people who have an different opinion than what he has. Currently it’s avoiding young gun control activists, last year it was not doing any town halls to avoid the local resist groups (to the point of trying to do a CNN town hall instead in NYC which is so far away from the 27th) and the year before that he refused to debate his democrat rival for his seat.

Also, that last video. That same ol blame violent games for violence thing that keeps getting debunked all the time. Can’t he think of something more original to scapegoat :rofl:


Didn’t Putin tell Trump that Assad isn’t just an animal, he’s Putin’s fluffy lapdog, yes he is!

With ISIS being less of a problem, it takes extreme measures to push more refugees on the west.



Spin. He’ll craft a made for TV interview. Once the questions are agreed to ahead of time of course.


“I’m a moderate Republican, and yet my party has run away from that,” Camm said. “So give me a moderate Democrat.”

Republican Lite, sigh, (Try and convince them that they’re not really in the center.)


I mean, how far does someone have to go? He literally just said to shoot people as soon as you see them.

And I’m thinking, “of course he doesn’t mean it.” But I kind of don’t care. There is a line between hyperbolic expression of anger and literal incitement to murder that isn’t that hard to stay on one side of.






The tiniest discrepancy on a registration form places them on a “pending” voter list. A Reuters analysis of Georgia’s pending voter list, obtained through a public records request, found that black voters landed on the list at a far higher rate than white voters even though a majority of Georgia’s voters are white.

How could this statistical anomaly happen? /s


Time to sit back and enjoy all that tax return yo.

Any bets on whether he’ll openly turn on trump?


I bet no. I think he’s going to keep his head down. I think he’s a coward to the bone.




I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

Edited to add: oops, sniped!


The sad thing is somebody died in that fire. If Trump hadn’t been such a cheapass and had sprinklers installed in his building, this person probably would have lived. (In fact, Trump successfully fought the bill that would have required sprinklers - because a retrofit would have cost a princely $4/sqft.)

Finally, Trump only tweeted about how the building was fine, and later bragged about how well built it was. Not a single word about the resident that died or the 6 firefighters that were injured.


If you need an even more brief summarization of what the GOP on capitol hill thinks about their chances in 2018, here you go


Too bad it’s not a Dinosaur Killer.


*Schadenfreude intensifies*


Also, good job Ronan.