A round up of Trumpian events πŸ–•πŸŠπŸ€‘



The clip shows Gates telling the room that in two separate meetings with the president, specifically recalling a March 2017 meeting, Trump asked him about the difference between the two viruses.

β€œHe wanted to know if there was a difference between HPV and HIV,” Gates said in the clip. β€œSo I was able to explain that those are rarely confused with each other.”



Mo Brooks is a spectacularly stupid person and he is more than happy to open his mouth and confirm it to the world.

I wish him, James Inhofe, Scott Pruitt, and Lamar Smith all the worst.


You’d think that after all his experience with porn stars, hookers and the like that he’d be quite familiar with HPV.


Many people probably say it that way, a lot of people actually spell it that way. I swear I thought reality was gaslighting me when I started to see the G, because I’m 100% convinced it was a K when I was a kid.

Anyway, I did some reading and the Arabic letter that starts his last name is definitely a K sound if you ask most Arabic speakers, but Libyans pronounce it in a way that makes it sound closer to a hard G sound. So traditional transliteration would have been a Q*, more recently people may have transliterated that letter as a K, but if you want to pronounce it the way he would have pronounced it it’s better to use a G.

* I’m not entirely sure, but I think we transliterate Ks as Qs from arabic because the a foundational transliterator wasn’t English, I know a lot of wonky transliteration from east Asian languages is due to the transliteration coming from French (hence the recent transliteration change of Mao Tse Tung to Mao Ze Dong - the former being pretty close to the right sounds if you pronounce it like you are speaking French, the latter sounding pretty close to right if you are an english speaker (though I think the middle syllable is more like β€œzuh”))


Good so it’s not just me; damn β€˜Mandela Effect.’


Sick burn, Bill. Sick burn.


I remember it as a Q. It turns out there’s dozens to over a hundred recognized spellings of his name.

Here’s a nice explainer:


I still wonder why some Americans pronounce iRaq and iRan like they were Apple products.


Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
United Arab Emirates and you, Emirates and you
Syria Jordan Libya
Sudan Morocco Turkey too, yes and Turkey too
And Iran . . . Iran’s so far away


Instead of β€˜Ear-Rock’ and β€˜Ear-Ron’, you mean?


I see two possibilities for what might have happened here. The first is a legitimate government-to-government or person-to-person communication. If President Xi called up Trump and asked Trump to remove the ban on U.S. sales to ZTE, perhaps Trump could easily be persuaded that this wasn’t in the U.S. interest. […] But the second possibility is more troubling. Reports have noted that Trump’s ZTE tweet came 72 hours after the Chinese government announced a $500 million loan package to help build an Indonesian theme park and resort that will contain Trump-branded property. The loan itself won’t include construction of the associated on-site Trump resort, golf course and residences, but the value of that development will come largely from its placement within the associated MNC Lido City theme park.


They probably say β€œnuk-you-lir”, too.



What a wonderful time for a Trumpkin to show up to an ongoing crime scene with a gun to try to make his point across and then a second Trumpkin shows up to say he not as extreme as that first Trumpkin :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Those idiots are lucky they didn’t get themselves shot by the police on the scene, and I hope they get sued by the parents of the students.


America needs prayers? You can have as many truck loads of prayers as you like but they’ll be as much use as… say, oh i don’t know, a guy walking down the street with a pistol on his hip while wearing a MAGA hat.


I just got caught up with Season 4 of BoJack Horseman yesterday (omg so good) and the episode on mass shootings seems particularly relevant.


This is the proper way to say the names of the countries, as far as I’ve been told. It’s not EYE-Raq or EYE-Ran, which seems to the common mode for many Americans.


That’s how I was taught in school; and I also say NEW-CLEAR, not β€œnuke-you-lar.”


when funnily enough e-raq and e-ran would be more phonetically accurate. Long Live the open web!