A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Is that second one a real Clinton tweet?

If so, well played on her part.


It’s a verified account. And that does fit with her sense of humour.




Ocasio-Cortez is always worthwhile:

Good thread commenting on the interview:




I listened to that whole thing, very impressive.

Relatedly, she’s apparently the beneficiary – if that’s the word – of an endorsement from a current Congressperson who endorsed both her and her opponent for the primary.


That was entirely due to an epic Twitter mob dragging delivered to Ro Khanna by Ocasio-Cortez’s fans yesterday. I watched as it happened; it was glorious to see. :slightly_smiling_face:



The Trump admin aren’t the only people who can make films.


The opponent in question:

And what he’s been up to recently:



Ouch, that’s a doozy. That could actually cause him some real problems. It probably won’t but hey, one can hope.

I mean the idea that your private charitable foundation is not a piggybank for your personal use will come as a bit of a shock to many rich people.

One highlight:

Jeffrey McConney, controller and vice president of the Trump Organization, whose responsibilities included supervising the issuance of checks for the Foundation, does not recall ever receiving instructions from Mr. Trump or any of the directors on the Board on the proper protocol for issuing the Foundation’s checks.

Will his memory magically improve and he’ll recall the clear, legally impeccable, instructions given to him by Trump or will he be fired by this time next week?

Faites vos jeux, mesdames et messieurs…

Also - here’s to Trump’s amazing financial acumen:

32. The Foundation also did not have an investment policy, even though New York
law required it to have such a policy by no later than 2010. See NPCL § 552(f). The Board did not discuss how to invest the Foundation’s assets, but rather simply left the decision to Mr. McConney and Allen Weisselberg, executive vice president and chief financial officer of the Trump Organization and the treasurer of the Foundation. Although in recent years the average monthly value of the Foundation’s assets was over $1 million, the Foundation kept its funds in a money market account, earning negligible interest.

I mean really there is just so much good stuff in that filing.


Very short clip of Trump in which:

  • He admiringly speaks of Kim Jong Un as a “stronghead” of his country
  • He states flat out that he wants Americans to sit up at attention and treat him the same way that North Koreans treat Kim
  • He grins while coyly referring to the fact that Kim had several of his top generals executed right before meeting with Trump


If he’s starting a trade war with China, good thing he has all of the rest of the G7 allies on side to tell China to knock off those shady practices.

Oh, oops!


Trump, on the Inspector General’s report that focused entirely on Comey’s treatment of Hillary’s emails and had no mention whatsoever of Russian interference in the election or Trump’s collusion: “It exonerates me!”

Um. Trump… it wasn’t even… about collusion or obstruction. I’d say you couldn’t lie more blatantly, but you’ll prove me wrong in a few minutes.


If Mexico pulls the trigger on corn / grain tariffs US farmers are screwed.

Tick, tick, tick …

What part of nobody wins a trade war doesn’t he understand?


He’ll be in the spin cycle for some time.


Oh his true believers will be all “I went bankrupt but that’s okay cause we are kickin’ them swarthy furriners back out”



Look, you can do a Ctrl+F on the report and not find one instance of the words “obstruction” or “collusion”*, so clearly there wasn’t any!

*I have not actually attempted this.


Women, am I right? Always have to be asking good questions.