A round up of Trumpian events πŸ–•πŸŠπŸ€‘


Huh. Now that’s a surprise. I wonder what the catch is?

Did Creflo Dollar not pay his Republican Tax?




It’s a dangerous ruling, the point of the Supreme Court is to accept other sources outside the strict wording of the law to make a decision - their entire role as a balance is to make sure that a President does not make statements about deciding policy based on religion but giving it a sheen of credibility to the EO itself.


Kidnapper in Chief



NYT just declared it for her.


Crowley campaigners were hitting every dirty trick they could think of on polling day, BTW.


And related to that:

It doesn’t take that many people to make change, so long as those people are organised.


Holy crap! She won!

Hell’s yes!

Think Pelosi is getting the message?


Finally a good fucking result for once.


A final bullshit headline on this:


Damn, did it even have her actual name on the ballot?


Vote for:

  • Joe Crowley
  • That young lady running against Joe Crowley

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And the win has finally forced MSNBC to give Ocasio-Cortez a mention:

Not a single second of coverage prior to that. They probably had more important issues to cover, like Melania’s coat or Stormy’s latest lawsuit.




That is another new low for cluelessness


Clueless? Nah.

Deliberately trying to encourage the establishment Dems into equating opposition to Ocasio-Cortez with opposition to Trump.


Ms Clemente has had enough of this nonsense:



I doubt that, Trump probably knows absolutely nothing about the race because his people are basically the same as the consultants working for the establishment thinking this was a sure thing. He’s talking to independents and Republicans here.

The GOP would never let themselves be tied to a socialist that way, they are much more careful about their image than the Democrats.


My bet is that Trump becomes overly focused on this in he general election, making it very clear this is a vote against communism.


Some responses to the Ocasio-Cortez win…