A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


I’m going to preface this by saying I voted for Hillary, so that it’s not interpreted as being insulted or anything of that nature.

We need to put that away now. Focus on getting the country back on track, not blaming people for where we are now, with the exception of those that are

currently running the country into the ground.


Or didn’t vote because ‘both parties are the same’



Looking backwards is pointless right now; we must focus on the work ahead…


Here’s a thought: if you don’t hold people accountable for their actions in the past, they never learn.


Yeah. I’m sick of seeing infighting on the left. Focus that rage people.


Yeah, I deleted that.

This post of yours yesterday pulled me out of a headlong dive into despair (not kidding).

Need to print that out and stare at it every time I start to feel helpless.


Indeed. It can always get worse.

The decision about the california law is already a step in overturning Roe, with Clarence Thomas writing the majority opinion. Funny that when Anita Hill gave her testimony about how Clarence said that it was a “high tech lynching” and that the left was afraid of him overturning Roe, in a tone as if that was a silly concern. It’s not.

I think they are further from overturning Obergefell, but that’s not out of the realm of possibility, either.

Indeed. Our fundamental right to good health care is not to be fucked with.


Same here; ‘Bitter Bitch Syndrome’ never solved any problems.

We can talk about accountability and culpability once we’re no longer in danger of imploding, right this fucking moment.


Like I said, I have to be my own ‘mental cheerleader’ everyday, just to keep on going. (That’s much harder than it sounds, being that I’m not naturally ‘an optimist.’)

The road ahead isn’t easy and the fight is ugly… but it’s not hopeless, unless we just give up and let the fuckers win without a fight.

And for me that’s simply not an option; I’ve survived too much and come too far to just “lay down and die.”


Handmaid’s Tale is going to get real. Real fast.


No, it’s fucking NOT.

Stop speaking in definitive statements, like this shit is already over.


Now is not the time for defeatism.


I hear 'ya I really do but, trump and co. are going to put another one of their lackeys in his place no matter what we do.

Fight we will but a shit ton of damage is coming our way.


I am aware, and I still plan on fighting every step of the got damn way.


Somebody send Ruth a box of granola bars! STAT


About all we can hope for is D’s taking over the Senate this November and McConnelling Trump’s nominee until he’s hopefully voted out in 2020. This assumes that by some miracle D’s take over the Senate and manage to not fuck things up like they usually do when in power.


Hey Mueller please hurry up. I know this shit takes time but I don’t know how much we have left.


Show people a better direction. Show them how doing things differently benefits them. There is definitely a place for accountability, but punitive actions are a blunt instrument. You’re not going to shame people into voting with you, and it’s certainly not going to make them stick with it in the long run.

You need to build a foundation and an environment where they can do the right thing in the first place, and encourage them to do so.

Save the shaming for the people with power, that need to be taken down a notch, not those that need to be lifted up in the first place.

(…and damn it, don’t push anyone away that could be working against what is happening now.)




I’m going to ink extra instructions onto my driver’s license in case something happens to me! “It all goes to RBG!”


Yes please.

I’ve been thinking the same for Robert Mueller. Take good care, OK?