A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


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Seriously. Yeah, fuck that hypocritcal McTurtle motherfucker.

His hyper-partisan bullshit is why Merrick Garland couldn’t even begin confirmation. His hyper-partisan bullshit in changing the rules for SCOTUS nominees is why we have Neil fucking Gorsuch rather than a more centrist justice in his place, and why short of a miracle in November, someone even worse than that will fill Kennedy’s seat thus shifting the judiciary hard right for what will likely be a decade or more.


We had the EXACT SAME FUCKING THING HAPPEN IN 2000 AND THEY DID IT AGAIN!!! No, I will not stop ranting about the people who got Trump elected because they had no memory or idea of how much worse it could be after 8 years of a centrist D govt. Whatever a HRC presidency would have looked like, it wouldn’t be anywhere as nightmarish as this. The people who didn’t vote for HRC need to face how badly they fucked up before we can move on. So many, plenty here on BBS, are still self righteous about it.


A Statement from a Mod [of /r/BlueMidterms2018] on Justice Kennedy’s Retirement.

Despite what the t_d trolls in modmail say after they get banned, I am not delusional. The retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy means that this person who is our president will be able to confirm another far-right hack to the Supreme Court, one who does not have Kennedy’s occasional tendency to go against the grain. This is a bad thing, no two ways about it.

But, even more than his retirement, I’m disturbed and disheartened by the overwhelming despair and hopelessness that’s come from it. “We’re fucked” is a common response; so is “pack it in, we’re done”, or “bye bye [insert progressive policy]”. This is being treated as more than just an unfortunate turn of events; it’s being treated as the death knell for America itself.

I’d like to counter that. First of all, Anthony Kennedy’s reputation as a swing vote was overstated. There were some instances where he pulled through (like Obergefell), but looking at his record it’s hard to see anything but a standard center-right justice. He ruled against unions, he ruled against campaign finance reform, he ruled against redistricting reform, and so on and so forth. Make no mistake; the court with Kennedy was a 5-4 conservative majority. Whatever slice of moldy white bread Trump replaces him with will only make it less flexible.

As for fears that this will lead to overturning everything vaguely progressive, I won’t say there’s no reason to worry, but it’s not exactly imminent. Overturning Roe v. Wade will cause a massive outcry and rob Republicans of a key wedge issue. Overturning Obergefell v. Hodges would create just as big an outcry, considering that gay marriage is still largely accepted across the country. Roberts is a shitty person and a shitty Chief Justice, but he’s still tied to a certain sense of continuity. Doomsaying doesn’t do anything to help that.

Which brings me to the most important point: this is not over. We are not fucked. We will not pack our bags and turn off the lights on the way out. We could be in a dystopian Mad Max future with Mitch McConnell chasing Elizabeth Warren across the desert in a monster truck and it still wouldn’t be over. The response to this disastrous administration is not to mope and whine and quote Godspeed You! Black Emperor lyrics, it’s to fight, and fight, and fight, and fight, and fight.

Donate to vulnerable Democrats. Here’s Claire McCaskill’s campaign website. Here’s Heidi Heitkamp’s. Here’s Joe Donnelly’s. Here’s Bill Nelson’s. And there’s more where they came from.

Support Democrats looking to take a seat from the Republicans, too. Here’s Jacky Rosen’s website. Here’s Kyrsten Sinema’s. Here’s Phil Bredesen’s. I’m sure you all know Beto, but you can donate to him, too.

Call Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski and urge them to reject any nominee who will overturn Roe v. Wade. There are no moderate Republicans anymore, but there are Republicans who are temporarily useful. Tell them that their legacy depends on this choice.

Organize. Donate. Make calls. Vote. If you want to throw a pity party, I’m sure r/politics has plenty. If you want to actually do something to make the future a better place, here we are.


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Yep. That ought to fix it. :roll_eyes:


Nope, it’s too fucking late for the foreseeable future. Even if we take the house this year, and the senate in 2020, Scotus is gone for decades, a fucking nightmare. The best I’m hoping for by ranting is to avoid a repeat of 2000 and 2016 in 2032. But, as history has proven, no one remembered Reagan in 2000, or GWB in 2016. How about we record time capsules of our current agonies for the future radicals who reject “compromised mainstream Democrats” of 2032?


I’m assuming the “no one” remembering isn’t you or I, since we both remember those times. I’m willing to bet countless others here do too.

Just rant harder? Louder? Hit them over the head with a “you’re doing it wrong again stick”?


No defeatism, no pity parties, no giving up; I’m made of far tougher stuff than this fascist bullshit they’re trying to throw at us.



We have to keep organizing, not infighting. Join the groups that support what you like, and fight like hell. If you win, awesome! Work to welcome support from others. If you lose, work to support the next best option, and in the end, vote for the one that’s closest to your values. But stay involved!



Oh thanks. I seriously needed that.


If anyone’s feeling particularly brave or masochistic The Hill is live streaming Trumps rally in N. Dakota. It started at 8:00 Eastern time. I watched about 20 minutes worth from 8:30 and I think my IQ has dropped about 10 points as a result. It’s mesmerizing in a train wreck kinda way.

ETA: I’ve gone back to it, the comments are fun.
ETAA: It’s over now. What a fucking maroon.






Epic snark from the Intercept:


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