A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Wasn’t Barbara Lee also threatened because she said that John Kelly was an extremist?

Yes, yes she was:

This was when most outlets praised Kelly for being a voice of reason in the White House, something immediately obviously wrong:

(one of the few outlets admitting they were wrong)


Looks like the Trump admin are copying the tactics of their russian peers with this one




What a worthless POS this man is.


For those that missed the North Dakota rally; highlights!



No thanks…and thank you for taking that hit for us. Also only 54? Good thing I just got new bottle of bourbon yesterday.


That’s pretty chilling. I hope he doesn’t have an “accident” in the near future.


The 14-word “we must secure” headline you could maaaaaaybe explain away as dumb coincidence if you were feeling extra charitable, but who in the everloving fuck has ever written a statistic as “13 out of 88” unless the sample size was literally only 88?



Charlottesville II not far off:



That first cartoon does not hold back any punches


Why did I put this in the Trumpian events thread? It’s because of the look on that guy’s face at :45 :laughing:


Evidence of insider dealing and further Trumpian corruption leading to Kennedy’s strategic retirement.



They wouldn’t even tolerate a Berniecrat, let alone a DSA representative.

Yglesias is a daft centre-right technocrat, and he was the furthest “left” perspective on that panel.


I heard that. It makes me wish I could trace the origin of that phrase because I bet it comes from some vile people.

That’s the kind of thing I was alluding to here:

Because she’s new and hardly anyone knows her, the establishment and her opponents get a chance to define her to much of the nation almost before she gets a chance to tell her own story.


Christ, not this shit again.


ugh for so many of the rich bastards out there this is what makes burning it all down worth it. Every time a disgusting Hannity clip is played or some vanilla Republican goes all Trumpist apologist, I find myself just shaking my head and muttering: "These motherfuckers will do and say literally anything for tax cuts and deregulation.