A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Epic snark from the Intercept:


Миссия выполнена!


Wasn’t Barbara Lee also threatened because she said that John Kelly was an extremist?

Yes, yes she was:

This was when most outlets praised Kelly for being a voice of reason in the White House, something immediately obviously wrong:

(one of the few outlets admitting they were wrong)


Looks like the Trump admin are copying the tactics of their russian peers with this one




What a worthless POS this man is.


For those that missed the North Dakota rally; highlights!



No thanks…and thank you for taking that hit for us. Also only 54? Good thing I just got new bottle of bourbon yesterday.


That’s pretty chilling. I hope he doesn’t have an “accident” in the near future.


The 14-word “we must secure” headline you could maaaaaaybe explain away as dumb coincidence if you were feeling extra charitable, but who in the everloving fuck has ever written a statistic as “13 out of 88” unless the sample size was literally only 88?



Charlottesville II not far off:



That first cartoon does not hold back any punches


Why did I put this in the Trumpian events thread? It’s because of the look on that guy’s face at :45 :laughing:


Evidence of insider dealing and further Trumpian corruption leading to Kennedy’s strategic retirement.



They wouldn’t even tolerate a Berniecrat, let alone a DSA representative.

Yglesias is a daft centre-right technocrat, and he was the furthest “left” perspective on that panel.


I heard that. It makes me wish I could trace the origin of that phrase because I bet it comes from some vile people.

That’s the kind of thing I was alluding to here:

Because she’s new and hardly anyone knows her, the establishment and her opponents get a chance to define her to much of the nation almost before she gets a chance to tell her own story.


Christ, not this shit again.