A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


You’re too kind.

Koch et al aren’t just in it for the tax cuts and environmental free-for-all. They also like the enslaved labor, brutally suppressed working class and eternal war.

The military-industrial complex is doing better than ever under Trump. Trade war damage to miners and farmers is nothing to the merchants of death.



smh. The time to get excited about this was last election. What did people think Trump was going to do?


Why yes, this did happen in Alabama



Sounds like he’s taking seriously shitty lying tips from his hero Trump

“The Ted-hating liberal press started quoting the High Times magazine and quoting an ex-girlfriend who claimed that I adopted her. I adopted my girlfriend?! Have you read that one? What the fuck?! … Absolutely absurd. I didn’t adopt anybody.”

The former girlfriend in question is Pele Massa, who was 17 years old at the time that the 30-year-old Nugent allegedly became her legal guardian. In VH1’s Behind the Music episode on Ted Nugent, Massa said, “I was underage and even back in the wild ‘70s, it wasn’t a terribly appropriate situation in most people’s eyes and now it would be criminal.” During that time, the age of consent was 14 in Hawaii, 16 in Nugent’s native Michigan, but 18 in many U.S. states.

The Behind the Music narrator states, “Ted admits to a number of liaisons with underage girls, and while it may have raised eyebrows, it never raised the interest of local authorities … [Pelle’s] mother signed papers making Ted her legal guardian.”

“I got the stamp of approval of their parents,” Nugent revealed in the VH1 special. “Because they figured better Ted Nugent than some drug infested punk in high school.”



Charlottesville II is just a matter of time.


Pretty much sums it up:


But, but, civility!









What the fuck? Why is the White House account sending partisan tweets like this?

I guess nothing should surprise me at this point given how the White House switchboard politicized the shutdown but still…


It was in the online marketplace, which is a lot looser than actual Walmart. Still… popcorn!

eta: considering how some of the unhinged nuts react to criticism of Donnie, I think putting it on a baby would be a very bad idea.


File this under “No… really?”


I guess this hurts the “DNC insider to Wikileaks” theory, right?


That’s right. These super-patriots are in Russia.

What is that day called that you’re celebrating tomorrow, then? What’s it all about?